August 3, 2018

3 Reasons The Middle East Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

The Middle-East Offers More Than You Think. image source

If someone suggests the middle-east as your next travel destination, you may be hesitant. Don’t feel bad if you have this reaction, it’s perfectly natural considering how this part of the world is often represented. It’s seen as a place full of conflict and bad times when there are actually some wonderful travel destinations for you to see.

So, before you completely rule out this idea, here are three reasons you should visit the middle-east:

A Completely New Culture

Middle-eastern culture is probably the most widespread culture in the world. All major cities have little pockets of middle-eastern people that bring amazing foods and things to the table. But, you don’t get a real sense of the culture until you actually go there for real. It’s a real eye-opening experience as you step into part of the world that’s so different from western civilization. In fact, many countries in the middle-east are technically part of Asia, but they’re so different from the likes of Japan and Korea. If you’re after a cultural awakening or just want to properly get away from your commercialized western life, then the Middle-East is a brilliant place to go.

One Word: Dubai

Yes, Dubai is one massive reason you should think about traveling to the middle-east. While there are some other unbelievable cities - Istanbul, Cairo, and Abu Dhabi - Dubai is the cream of the crop. There’s literally everything you could possibly wish for in a holiday destination and more. It has a crazy palm tree-shaped island with a water park, the tallest building in the world, massive shopping malls, and luxury hotels! Furthermore, you can even use a Dubai concierge service to ensure all your activities are booked and prepared for you before you arrive. This is the level of luxury you get in this city, it’s one of the must-see places on earth!
Immerse Yourself In History. image credit

Unrivaled History - Particularly In Egypt

The exciting thing about this part of the world is that it spans across three different continents. Many people include Turkey as part of the Middle-East, which is partially in Europe. Egypt is also considered a significant part of it, and it's in Africa. Then, you have the Arab countries, which are all in Asia. What this means is that there is so much history in this part of the world - especially in Egypt. You get to see the ancient pyramids - one of the wonders of the world! Take a journey through Ancient Egyptian ruins and look at all the crazy historical artifacts as well. Even the UAE is an exciting place to visit for historical reasons. You can take a look at how some of the cities just advanced beyond recognition over the past few decades; it’s really so impressive.

As you can see, the Middle-East is home to some of the world’s most iconic countries and cities. It’s a perfectly safe place to travel to if you know where to go. There are experiences available here that you can’t get anywhere else. So, if you fancy a change of scenery from your usual European city breaks, then why not think about a Middle-Eastern adventure?

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