January 26, 2011

Mr. Crunchy.

So last night I went to KFC and got a Pot Pie.  I was cramping, had a headache, it was cold - basically I felt like crap.  Comfort food was needed.

It wasn't until this morning when I was having terrible stomach pains from what I assume is a small case of food poisoning from said Pot Pie that I realized that the 790 calories that made me feel better at the time were making me feel horrible now...literally.  I ate a 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple last night and drank another 16 oz. of water.  I had 254 calories left in my day. 

I had two of the tiniest donut holes this morning.  Just two were 117 calories.  So yeah, won't be doing that again.

So here's Mr. Crunchy.  He's a Honey Crisp Apple, aka the best freaking apples on the planet.  If you haven't tried one, stop reading this post and go locate one A-SAP. Just look for the yellow and red kind of striped apple that is also super shiny and says, of course, HONEYCRISP.  You can't go wrong with this one.

Mr. Crunchy is in the process of being devoured by me.  Sad to see him go, but so tasty!  Oh, and only 80 calories for a medium to large sized apple!

I ate a whole bag of Jack Link's A-1 Beef Jerky (don't freak out - it was only a 3 oz. bag) at lunch and 1/2 a mini-bag of Orville Redenbacher's "Smart Pop" 100 calorie popcorn.  Total calories for lunch - 290.  Not too shabby.  All that jerky really amped up my protein percentage too!  ....still chugging that 32 oz. bottle of water I started this morning....


I had 2 granola bars, 16 almonds & a stick of string cheese for dinner at 6:30. 10 p.m. came and I was hungry again.  We had a California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Cheese Pizza in the freezer, so I cooked that.  I ate 2 pieces out of the 8 that were there (boyfriend at the rest) with a 16 oz. bottle of water and called it a night.

I think K & our puppies are going walking tonight.  We chatted with our neighbors too long last night and it was dark by the time we left.  *sigh*  So we'll try again tonight!

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