March 22, 2011

100 facts about me #1

I am not a bandwagon-er but some things are just fun & dare I say, interesting, to participate in.  No harm in that.  One of the trending topics on Twitter (I just recently signed up so I'm having fun with it) is the #100factsaboutme.  I thought it would be fun to post it on Twitter & elaborate on here.  Who knows if I'll actually get to 100....I may be too boring for that!  Eh, we shall see. 

#1 - 
I spring clean my house once 
a month to donate to charity.

Aside from keeping my home uncluttered, this action also serves a helpful purpose.

If there are clothes that haven't been worn in a month or so, they're getting donated to charity so that someone else will get a chance to love them.  Our local charity organization uses the profits it makes from selling the donated items to fund the living and care expenses for people with mental handicaps.  The organization even built an apartment complex (with on-site helpers if needed) for the people it cares for.  They can have their own apartment, or live with a roommate, and their utilities are paid for by donations & the proceeds from the sale of items that are donated.  It has done a lot of good for our community and aside from the good feeling you get from giving back, you're giving someone else the chance to find & love the items that you no longer need or want. 

I've donated appliances, home decorations, electronics, movies, workout equipment, clothes, shoes, cooking items & more....and those things will go to a new home & help others in the process.  It's a nice feeling:)

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