May 13, 2011


My friends and I are in the process of rescuing a little bird.  What seemed like a little guy (or girl) falling out of its nest turned into "Birdapalooza" (the term was coined by K) which turned into "Operation: Save The Bird(s)). 


Tuesday, after work, as I was getting out of the car, the boyfriend looks over and says "Don't look.  Dead bird."  Sadness ensued.  I was told to get over it.  (Lame.) He apparently swatted 'dead bird' off of the driveway.  Cut to after dinner.  K get out of the passenger side of the car and says "Something's moving over there!  Oh, it's a bird!"  Happiness ensued!  The 'dead bird' lives! Eyes clothes, feathers not grown in - but the bird lives!

Best friend goes over and gingerly scoops up the bird (with paper towels) and puts him back in the nest in the garage rafters.  Later - bird falls out again.  Gets put back in.  Rinse, repeat.

So best friend makes a nest out of dried grass & debris lying around the yard and lays the bird inside the seed spreader.  We go to check on it later and find yet another bird on the ground.  We add that bird to the seed-spreader-nest.  We go to dinner, come back, and seed spreader is on it's side.  Nest is everywhere.  First bird missing.  Second bird ok.  Moment of silence for bird gone missing. 

Cut to bird chirps in the distance.  We three follow bird chirps.  In the same spot where 'dead bird' was discovered, there are now five more baby birds.  Hopping around, but can't fly yet.  (Here is where "Birdapalooza" was coined)  Best friend decides that we can't possibly save them all and it's like the birds were like "Well Fine!" and they scamper off into the grassy yonder. 

We decided to name the bird we have saved (the one remaining in the seed spreader) CHEEPS.  Because, well, it did.  A LOT.  I would too, if I was cast from my nest and abandoned to be cared for by strangers.  So over the past couple of days we have been feeding & playing with Cheeps trying to get its health back up.  Cheeps was barely breathing when first discovered.

We have been feeding Cheeps a mixture of pulverized worms (ew) and wet cat food through a syringe and I must say he is taking to it really well.  In the 3 days we have been caring for him, he's gotten more feathers and has opened his eyes.  He now cheeps at us when we come visit and we let him walk around in the garage for strength.  Someday soon he'll fly off & that will be a kind of bittersweet day.  I think we are all glad that we had the chance to save that little birdie's life. 

cheep cheep.

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