September 19, 2011

"What the f*** did I just watch?"

I love the Foo Fighters.  I love that a band so talented and famous still takes time to poke fun at themselves.  They're not douchebags, taking their music sooooooo seriously like some bands out there (I'm looking at you, Kings Of Leon) - they get that they're famous but they have fun with it, with their fans, and with themselves in general.  Dave Grohl has the most animated face, you can't help but think "This guy has GOT to be hilarious".  Here are a few of my favorite videos.

(This is the promo for their new tour.  I especially love the YouTube comment "What the fuck did I just watch?!"...)

("You don't fucking fight at my show, asshole!")

(I used to listen to this ALL the time in High School.  Thumbs up for Tenacious D being in the video.  Funny, I had NO idea who they were at the time.  I think Dave Grohl as the little girl is my favorite character.)

(If everything could ever feel this real forever...)

(Footos - The Fresh Fighter)

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