October 19, 2011

Plantation Obsession: Evergreen Plantation

Evergreen Plantation is a plantation located on Louisiana Highway 18 near Wallace, Louisiana. The main house was constructed mostly in 1832 by John Carver and the plantation's historical crop was sugar cane. They style is Greek Revival with a little Federal & other styles mixed in.  It was an operating plantation up until about 1930, when the Depression brought its end.


The complex was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1992.


The plantation includes 37 contributing buildings, all but eight of them antebellum, making it one of the most complete plantation complexes in the state and the South. Of great significance are the 22 slave quarters, arranged in a double row along an allée of oak trees.

Among the outbuildings are a garconnière, where young bachelors of the family or guests could stay; a pigeonnier for keeping pigeons (a sign of status among the planters); an overseer's cottage; and late 19th century barns.

Because of its quality and significance, the plantation is also included among the first 26 featured sites on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail. The house is open for tours by appointment.

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