January 17, 2012


Long time, no post.  Life has been busy, hectic... something I'm sure most of you out there can relate to.  I've been honestly thinking about resolutions and how I can change myself for the better.  I realized that I have let myself develop traits and characteristics that I am not pleased with nor proud of.  I'm going to be *gulp* thirty this year and I feel like it is time to take charge of what I can and who I want to be as a person.

I know, I know...you don't have to tell me that most (all?) people crap out on resolutions so I can call it something else if you like but basically, these things are going to happen.  I'm not giving up and I'm not blowing them off.  They're stuck with me, baby!

Henceforth....the resolutions...
I know that most people don't keep resolutions, but I'm determined.  I feel like {now} is the time.  So...here we go.  Bare bones - honest & truthful.

1.  Thirty Before Thirty.  I will lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday, which is roughly 3 months away.  A small, yet difficult, goal to be healthier, thinner, and more active.

2.  Be A Nicer, Better Version Of Me.  I get frustrated with people easily, am guilty of talking about people, and if I'm in a bad mood, sometimes am mean or rude to others.  I single myself out here, even though I know that many others are guilty of these infractions as well.  I cannot change how others think but I can at least attempt to change myself.  I don't like the snarky, sometimes mean & hateful, thoughts that pop into my head and I do not enjoy hurting people's feelings. 

3. Less Stress.  I worry about everything.  Whether it's making money or spending money, my job, what people think, what other people are doing, how are we going to pay for this or that, things I cannot change...I worry about it all.  It's stressful.  Stress has become such an issue that I require medication to deal with.  I need to learn to calmly and rationally deal with situations rather than freak out, panic or worry. 

4.  Lose 50 by 2013.  I admit it.  I've become a fat ass.  I buy clothes that camouflage my 'problem areas'.  I've become one of those women who wear a shirt over their swimsuit and I hate it.  I've never once worn a bikini without a cover-up on at all times.  The way I see it, it's now or never.  Sure, I'd love to eventually be one of those hot older ladies who can rock a bikini (like Helen Mirren) but right now, while I'm still categorically "young", I want to be able to do it as well.  (As of 1/17, I've lost 15 pounds, so I'm on my way!)

5.  Be A Caring Person.  I feel like being a good person is caring about others before yourself.  Taking the time to help where help is needed.  There are several areas in my community that could use a helping hand.  For example - ◘I could volunteer at the animal shelter or donate food/supplies there.  (It hurts my heart to see all those animals without loving homes.) 
◘I could donate unused items from my home such as clothing, household items, etc. to the local Goodwill.  My house is cramped and we have too much stuff that we keep for no good reason, thinking maybe "one day, we'll use it."
◘I could volunteer at our Art Center.  Be a tour guide or take a class.  It is a non-profit organization meant to bring art awareness to our community with free classes & displays of local artists.
◘I could join the groups who walk around beautifying our town.  Picking up trash, planting trees & flowers, painting old buildings, helping the elderly, etc.

6.  Create.  This one is important to me.  I love all mediums of art.  I have this intense desire to create beautiful things.  I have so much creative energy inside me.  Whether it's painting, landscaping, drawing, scrapbooking, designing, sewing, crafting....I love it.  I don't mean to be boastful here when I say that I feel like I have talent.  I've always been shy about being proud of something, because deep inside me I do feel "less than".  I feel like someone will always do something better than me.  I must learn to throw that notion aside & be happy, be excited, be proud - of what I create.  The lesson that I must learn is "I made this.  I am happy with the way it turned out."  I am so thankful for Pinterest because it inspires me to no end.  I'm in the process of turning our storage room into my art/craft studio.  Maybe I could even sell the things I made?  Hmmmm....

I figure that I will probably add more to this list later, but for now it's all I've got.  I guess an unofficial #7 is to not remove things from the list. 

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