June 25, 2012

BaubleBar: Triad Necklaces

I'm just in love with these Triad necklaces from BaubleBar.  They're so simple, yet chic.  The bright colors just pop & evoke the energy of summertime!  I'm really into geometric shaped jewelry and these babies are the best!  These necklaces are a steal at between $28-$32 each!  Do you have a BaubleBar membership?  If not, sign up here!

BaubleBar Triad Necklaces

  Which one is your favorite?


  1. Ah! I just saw a similar necklace as Forever21 but was disappointed that the triangles were little flags instead of just being solid... and now, here's solid ones! I think I like the one in the top left corner the best--or that style at least... I'm having trouble deciding between the teal, hot pink, and orange!

    1. I think I know what you're talking about @ f21...but I want a bigger triangle, instead of a bunch of smallish ones! I like them all, actually:) but I think design wise, the design in the middle is my favorite.

  2. I like the middle one the most though I think I might choose it in a different color even though I really like hot pink it just isn't calling my name. I think it might look really nice in yellow.

  3. Very hard to say between top middle and bottom middle but I guess I'll got with the bright PINK!! SO gorgeous...will they let you do a giveaway??

  4. The pink in the top row for me...as always! :) They're very cute.

  5. I say the top middle one but they are all really cute!! Thanks!


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