June 27, 2012

My Summer Must-Haves

Since I'm a Monday-Friday-9-To-5-er, I only have two precious, work drama-free days off work per week.  I used to be totally lazy, sitting around the house, bumming it out in front of the TV, but now that I've lost so much weight (and probably about 30 more lbs. to go...) I actually have the energy to feel like I want to get out and do something!  Here's what I consider my go-to's for the summer-livin' lifestyle...

♥ You've got to have a beach bag!  A good bag can double as your purse and beach carryall, making it the perfect all-in-one bag to tote around.  I love these bags from RipCurl ($39.50) and BooHoo ($25.86).
♥ I never really understood the whole "wearing tons of jewelry to the beach" thing - I mean, hello tanlines!  But there are a few cute items I wear that don't get in the way, like this Juicy Couture Seahorse/Hot Pink Stud combo ($58) or these Lucky Brand Starfish/Smoky Stud combo ($35).
♥ A must have is entertainment when you're relaxing.  I'm a big fan of House Beautiful, so I'm currently reading their "Style 101" edition ($16.95).  If you're a big bookworm like me, I suggest the Blue Bloods series.  It's slightly in the Twilight vein (pun intended) of books, but somehow...better.
♥ Since I discovered these awesome roll-up beach mats, laying on towels is a thing of the past!  These Steve Madden Roll Up Mats ($40) even come with a pillow!
♥ Many people don't realize that skin cancer can affect your ears as well.  It's a big problem for people who spend a significant part of their lives outdoors.  Protecting yourself with a cute sun hat keeps the problem at bay, while still looking adorable.  Check out these sweet styles from Something Special ($27.99), Vans ($23) & Jessica Simpson ($48).
♥ Sunglasses are a must-have for protecting those peepers from harmful UV rays, and oh yeah, keeping the sun out of your eyes!  I'm big into aviators & oversized sunglasses right now, like these from Jeepers Peepers ($29.83) or ASOS ($24.86).
♥ No one likes a sunburn!  It's painful, dry & itchy, plus - who wants to look like a tomato?!   I like the spray on sunscreen best, like Coppertone UltraGuard ($8.07) or Banana Boat UltraMist ($9.49).


  1. I agree with your summer essentials 100%! I love a good beach bag/purse hybrid--it's great for those days where you're hitting the beach after shopping, or running to dinner after the pool. I'm also with you on tons of jewelry on the beach or at the pool. Why worry about losing something (plus, like you said, hello tanlines!)?

  2. I love your summer essentials. I wish I could pull off aviator glasses, they are so stylish.

    1. I wish I could too. I've been searching for some for quite some time but aviators, in particular, must fit your face shape or you end up looking really funny!

  3. I love that you included sunscreen - so important

  4. GREAT LIST! I love the right beach bag. And yes, I don't wear jewelry either. To the beach I mean. I was thinking of getting a beach mat. Now I might just do that.

  5. I completely agree, especially about the fun reads!

  6. What a great list!! A good book goes a long way!

  7. I love the floppy hat! I really need to find a fabulous one for this summer!

  8. Just read the Nina Garcia "100" book, and one of the items was aviator sunglasses. Definitely a classic!


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