August 27, 2012

Motivation Monday

Ugh....I'm starting off on a bad note in the war with my self control.  I was helplessly drawn to Burger King this morning, where I had two Cinnabon cinnamon rolls & a bacon/egg/cheese croissan'wich.  Shame.  For shame!  I'm so disappointed in myself.  I've lost 64 pounds over the past 8 months, but in the past month & a half, I've gained back 20 of those pounds.  Ugh. 

Time to get back on the bandwagon.  Seriously. 

I'll tell you what did it.  You'll probably think I'm nuts, but seriously, this is how it went down.  I was watching the season finale of True Blood this morning while eating breakfast.  For those of you who watch the show, you know how gross it is when a vampire meets the 'true death'.  All gooey and slimy looking...
Well, I happened to look down at my cinnamon roll and the piece that was on my fork was attached to the cinnamon roll by a think gooey cinnamon & icing thread.  The moment I looked down and saw this, a vampire bit it on the show.  I realized that my cinnamon roll goo looked like exploded vampire goo....and I was done.  Into the trash it went.  (Told ya'll you'd think I was nuts.) 

yep...I grossed myself out.

So today, after the breakfast fail this morning, begins the diet anew.  Do you have any great diet tips, motivators, or low-calorie recipes?  I'd love to hear what works for you!  Here are a few motivators from my Health & Happiness pinboard:


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