September 20, 2012

[JULEP] My October Pick

I could not be more thrilled with the Julep colors for the month of October.  It really was difficult to decide on what box I wanted!  After a lot of deliberation, I eventually decided on the It Girl box. 

The It Girl features:
It GirlCarolineCaroline—It Girl
Darkest burgundy shimmer
Reg. $14
Leslie—It Girl
LeslieBlack and silver specked shimmer
Reg. $14
Glenda—It Girl
GlendaRadiant silver metallic crackle
Reg. $14
I love that the Caroline is a dangerous looking orange-y dark red.  The silver crackle of Glenda intrigues me and well, you can never go wrong with a black/silver shimmer!  I also picked a really cool polish for my add on this month.  It's called Sofia & it glows in the dark!  How awesome is that?   

Would you like to try Julep?  I'll let you in on a little secret --- you can get your first box for just one penny!  Seriously!  Head over to Julep, take the profile quiz & pick your introductory box!  At checkout, enter code "COLOR2012" and snap up your box for just once cent!


  1. I did the same as you with an extra add on of the orange and white crackle!

    1. Ooooh I bet that's going to be awesome! Make sure to share if you do anything fun with them!

  2. I stayed with It Girl this month and added on Eloise, Lisa and the drops.

    Im not really a huge fan of crackle, but was happy about my choice this morning when I noticed my last bottle of crackle dried out :(

  3. I'm going to give crackle a second chance:) I really liked the shine of the silver crackle!


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