September 10, 2012


The amazing Rachel over at LaLa Lists started a new hop called "Opinions".  Today is the inaugural day for this soon-to-be glorious-ness.  You know you want to join in!  Details on how to link in are at the bottom of this (lengthy) post!  Now, on to me & my big mouth {aka - opinions...and some statements thrown in}.
  1. I feel like I never get enough sleep.
  2. I still (occasionally) sleep with a stuffed bear that I got in High School. (don't judge.)
  3. My favorite shows are not aimed for my 'age demographic'.
  4. There is no such thing as being too old to be creative.
  5. I get seriously pissed if there is no turkey at Thanksgiving.
  6. Ian Somerhalder is my future ex-husband.
  7. Sauerkraut should be banned.  Who wants to eat something that smells like feet?
  8. Fish is gross.  In fact, all sea food is gross.
  9. I love being in a library. 
  10. People should not be allowed to have car speakers that shake windows.
  11. It is embarrassing when your butt sticks to a chair.
  12. I have never really liked any shade of pink.
  13. I could eat ice cream on the daily.
  14. It is never fun to get hit in the nose.
  15. I love love love the stacking bracelets jewelry trend.
  16. I am thrilled that sweat pants do not have elastic bands on the bottom anymore.  I want to get my lazy on & still look halfway decent, thank you.
  17. It is never acceptable to wear knee high furry boots.  You look like you killed and skinned a Muppet. 
  18. I love scary books but am a pansy when it comes to scary movies.
  19. I bet Dave Grohl is the coolest guy in person.
  20. The foot detox pads are a total scam.
  21. Why not make the mattress less crappy to begin with so that people won't need mattress pads?
  22. I get crazy car sick if I am anywhere but in the drivers' seat...but I hate to drive.  Ugh...
  23. Is it weird that I can bend my middle fingers at the top knuckle?
  24. I do not like bananas but I like banana-flavored things.
  25. I love to use my label-maker to label things.  They seem more organized that way.
  26. There is no such thing as too much garlic.
  27. I salt everything.  Even before I taste it, I know I will want more salt.
  28. I need a fairy godmother.
  29. People in my house do not do enough dishes.
  30. I dog ear pages in my books. 
  31. I do not understand high-waist jeans.
  32. My 10 pound dog takes up more room than I do on the bed.
  33. I do not use lotion.  I don't like feeling sticky.
  34. True Blood needs to run year round.  This waiting a year between seasons sucks!
  35. I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore.
  36. I think MTV & VH-1 need to get back to playing music.
  37. I love sharing DIY's, recipes & jewelry creations with my friends & readers.
  38. It will always be totally acceptable to McLabel things (aka: Grey's speak - best line ever at 0:28)
  39. It is not weird to talk to your pets.
  40. The worst kind of exhaustion is emotional exhaustion.

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