October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Readers, Did you know that I absolutely love eating lemons?  They're not even sour to me.

Dear Cleaning, Sometimes I really love doing you.. (chuckling because I’m so immature).  Other times I realize I’m spending far too much try trying to hide the clutter instead of actually getting rid of it.

Dear Followers, Thank you!  You all are awesome!  I'm so humbled that people actually want to read my ramblings!

Dear Razorbacks, You better win on the 27th.  I'm just sayin'.

Dear USPS, It really bugs me that my packages arrive beat all to hades sometimes.

Dear Birthday, I know you’re not until March, but I am seriously hoping that someone actually throws me a birthday party this year.

Dear Tookies, How did I live without your delicious treats?!

Dear Once Upon A Time, I'm so glad that you're back, I missed you so much! 


  1. I just won Tookies! I'm so excited to try the marshmallows!!! Everything look sooo delicious.

    1. Hey Niki! Thanks for stopping by! You will LOVE your Tookies...they're completely amazing! (P.S. - I'm actually giving away some tookies marshmallows on my other blog, Fashionintheforest.blogspot.com - you're so welcome to enter that contest as well!)


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