October 17, 2012

mycharity: water

I first learned about mycharity: water from Julie at Joy's Hope.  The passion Julie has for this project was and continues to be astounding.  (P.S. - Julie is one of the raddest chicks in all the land - you should follow her if you don't already)  Clean water is so very important and when you read about how many of us there are out there without it, it makes you want to spring into action.  At the time, I couldn't afford a large donation, but you know what they say - every little bit helps...   


Today I found out that the campaign I donated to, No Haircut No Shave for Water, had their money sent to Ethiopia.  I also learned that it takes at least 18 months for a project to be constructed & reported on.  During this time, the partners bought supplies, the communities contributed their own labor and formed Water Committees to maintain these projects for years to come. 
This is the finished result:
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# Gereb Mktal Gala Village
257 people served

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