October 16, 2012

October Birchbox

I have mixed feelings about Birchbox this month.  It could be because I opted out of the Goop Box but ended up getting sent one anyway.  Or it could be because my 'lifestyle extra' (which is usually the awesome bonus item) was a Luna Bar.  That bummed me out.  Not because I don't like Luna Bars, because I do (the Lemon Zest is pretty darn good, actually) but it's just that I felt kind of gypped because I can buy Luna Bars for $1 at Wal-Mart.  It didn't seem new or unique enough to be the 'lifestyle extra'.

I guess I've been spoiled by the other awesome Birchboxes of the past.

My box contained:

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss, 1 oz. - $33
We have it on good authority that Angelina Jolie is a big fan of these luxe glosses. While our lips may never be quite as full and luscious as her, we can report that Chantecaille’s glosses are absolutely star-worthy. The non-sticky jelly formula stays put for hours and delivers a subtle plumping effect. Plus, the silver-tipped wand will look oh-so-chic in your handbag.
FINAL THOUGHT: I don't really feel the plumping factor but the color is nice.  The sample size is very small, I'd say based on the product price that the sample is worth $4-5.

DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum, 1.7 oz. - $85
This genre-bending serum uses a patented dual-phase technology to give skin double the benefits. It gives you instant gratification by hydrating skin and shrinking pores. At the same time, the peptide-packed formula exfoliates and repairs skin cells for lasting anti-aging benefits. Plus, the double helix style tube is pretty nifty.  
FINAL THOUGHT:  I actually like this.  The sample size is fairly standard.  It's a good, multi-use sample size.  My pores are visibly smaller.  I'd guess, based on the product price that this sample is worth $10.

Luna Bar in Lemon Zest, 15 bars - $18.75 
Most people may call themselves omnivores, but we identify as snackavores. Lately, we’ve been stockpiling LUNA’s healthy bars, which fulfill our sweet cravings and keep us full until our next meal. Each has just under 200 calories and is full of the nutrients your body needs, including calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin D. Chocolate Peppermint Stick is a decadent blend of dark chocolate and candy cane peppermint, while Peanut Butter Cookie is full of creamy, crunchy peanut goodness.
FINAL THOUGHT:  I really like the Lemon Zest bar.  Actually, I liked it so much I went out and bought a box of 5 at Wal-Mart for $5.  Sorry, Birchbox, your price is too high for this product.  Save yourself some money, readers, and get yours elsewhere.  (P.S. - the Peanut Butter Chocolate is awesome, too!)  Based on in-store comparison, these bars are valued at $1/ea.

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face, $48 (No Size Listed)
We recently mastered the art of showering, shaving, and brushing our teeth at the same time. Is it any wonder that this multitasker caught our time-crunched attention? The tinted SPF 20 skin perfector performs no fewer than five functions: it moisturizes skin, creates a seamless canvas for makeup, minimize pores and fine lines, zaps excess oil, and shields skin from solar rays. Needless to say, it gets us out the door in record time.  
FINAL THOUGHT:  The sample size was very tiny.  It was in foils, which are a single use sample.  The card came with two.  I didn't really see any difference than that of a normal foundation and based on the website not having a size or uses per bottle listing, I cannot pinpoint the price value.

Orifluido Elixer, 3.4 oz. - $29.99
When it comes to evaluating new hair care products, we look for the three S’s: soft, shiny, strong. This fragrant serum delivers all three, making it one of our new favorites. Incidentally, since we’re also suckers for that other big S, scent, we can’t get enough of the amber and vanilla notes that drift up every time we flip our hair.
FINAL THOUGHT:  The scent is lovely.  I appreciate any product that makes my hair softer, smoother & knocks out the frizz.  The product sample was well designed.  The estimated .25 oz sample is in a small glass container.  I got two uses out of this sample and at around $4 per 1/2 oz., this sample is worth about $2.

I thought about it for a while.  I did some math and based on the full size product price of each of my items, my box is well over $10 in value.  Based on that fact, I can't be upset at what I got - even if all of the products I received weren't to my exact liking, I still got my money's worth and then some!


  1. First of all, it's a beauty box! I do not understand why there was tea and a power bar in there! SMH, makes me so angry! Sorry, LoL, just had to get that out!


    1. Oh Kait I just ♥ you...
      LOL no tea but yes, a luna bar. it was tasty, though!
      It just seemed like an odd box this month!


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