November 12, 2012


reading  The Lady of The Rivers by Phillippa Gregory.  I've long been fascinated by Tudor era history, and Philippa Gregory does an amazing job of bringing fact and fiction together to create a very enthralling story.
writing less than I should.  I'm suffering a bit of a burnout.  Or lack of creativity.  Or both, if we're being honest.
listening to cars zoom by. I've got my office windows open right now so I can get a breeze blowing through.
thinking that jealousy is an ugly trait.  I hate when jealousy hits me and I hate when it's for stupid, silly things.  If that could be a trait that I could flip a switch & turn off, I totally would.
smelling my Pain de Bananae candle from Zombee Candle (aka - best candles evah!).  Seriously, though, this candle will make you so hungry for banana bread it's insane.
wishing that my heart didn't ache when I see the things that I know I shouldn't want.   
hoping that there's a good turnout at the JA Bunko Tournament this weekend.  The proceeds go to Angel Tree and that is a very important cause.  It provides Christmas presents to families who cannot afford gifts.
wearing  a lot of black and gray.  Funny, but that's how I was feeling this morning.
loving that we had a great weekend celebrating the bf's birthday.  We watched Wreck It Ralph & the new Bond movie, Skyfall.  Both awesome movies, btw.  We drank a little too much at On The Border.  We had an amazing breakfast a Mimi's Cafe (you MUST try the Cinnamon Brioche French Toast) and we got to go on a Distillery Tour that included lots of free tasting!  Super fun weekend!
wanting to get more christmas shopping done. As much as I try to plan and buy throughout the year, I always get sidetracked.  I HATE last minute shopping.  I have made a decision to get it ALL done before December.  I have a list ready and I just need to get going....
needing to get a massage & a pedicure.  My lower back has been cranky this past week and well, I just love pedicures.  Soooo relaxing.
feeling quite blah.  Really, just blah.
clicking  Sidda Thornton. (duh).  She's where I get my 'Currently' prompts from.  Also loving some Gridiron Lipstick & Lala Lists.  Loves me those girls.

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