November 16, 2012

H54F (+ Bits & Pieces)

Oh wow, you guys, it's Friday.  This week has dragged on, am I right?  (Of course I am).

Maybe it's because I have a 4-day weekend next week? (Thank you, Thanksgiving!)

Maybe it's because next Friday is Black Friday?  (Yeah, I'm one of those people.)  I have to admit, there's something thrilling about being up at 4 a.m. to go shopping.  It's like my Super Bowl.  It's GAME TIME!  Ha!  No, I'm not the lady who stands in line for a $3 toaster or whatever - I just like the excitement, really.

Oh, I'm rambling.'s High Five For Friday!  So let's see what's been going on this week, shall we?

This muffin.  Oh my god, you guys, this muffin.  Two Words.  Buttermilk Spice.
Life Changing.  So Good.  (well, that was six words but you get my drift.)

Weekend of movies.  Good movies at that!  We saw Wreck It Ralph (too cute) and Skyfall (my first James Bond movie ever).  Um, hey Daniel Craig.  How you doin'?

This bracelet.  This is my newest creation in the "My Favorite Bloggers" collection in my Etsy store.  It's inspired by Kait of Gridiron Lipstick:)

This poem.  It's called "I Could Pee On This".  It's a poem written from a cat's perspective.  It's hilarious.  It's also a spot on depiction of my cat Beauford. 

Fortune Cookie.  I loves me some Chinese food.  I have a particular way of getting to my fortune cookie.
  • Break cookie in half.
  • Put fortune to the side without looking at it.
  • Eat fortune cookie.
  • Read fortune.
I have to do it in that order.  I'm OCD about fortune cookies, ya'll!

I am so weird.


  1. I love that bracelet! and Black Friday; I'm the same way! Even if I have nothing to buy haha it's fun to go and see the crazies!!

  2. thanks for linking up this week at style of a songbird! your blog is beautiful! <3 xo


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