March 5, 2013

{Recipe} BBQ Chicken, Apple, Bacon & Cheddar Quesadillas

One of my favorite easy meals to make is BBQ Chicken Pizza.  But, since the boy and I are trying to lost weight, we've been trying to make our favorite recipes a little healthier.  While the recipe I'm about to share with you isn't exactly the healthiest, we have replaced pizza dough with tortillas and added fruit so that we are consuming less break while eating more fruit.  The recipe below is a printable, just right click and save to your computer!

There are many ways to make this recipe even healthier.  You could use a low-calorie cheese in place of the cheddar or turkey bacon in place of the regular bacon.  Additionally, you could use a BBQ rub in place of the sauce, but be advised that the quesadilla will be much more dry.  For a twist on this recipe, substitute the apple for fresh peaches or pears or squeeze a little fresh lime juice on the finished product.  I promise all of these variants are extremely good as well!