April 18, 2013

A To Z --- All About Me!

This morning I was browsing through one of my April Sponsor Blogs, Mama & Co., & saw this little number.  I decided I had do it since I don't really have a big, fancypants About Me section plus it's a way for all you lovelies to get to know me better.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll have something in common?

A: Available or Married?
Not married but not available.  My bf & I have been together over 8 years and truthfully, I like things just the way they are.  I've never been the "had to get married girl".  I'm not knocking those who do, it's just not for me.
B: Book? 
I just started reading A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir.  I'm such a nerd for historical fiction. 
C: Cake or Pie? 
I'd most definitely say cake...unless it's Chocolate Meringue Pie we're talking about.  Then I'd tell you to hand it over.  Back away from the pie, real slow like, and no one gets hurt.
D: Drink of Choice? 
Probably peach tea or mint tea.  If you have a Sonic anywhere near you, head there now and get a big peach mint sweet tea.  You can thank me later.

E: Essential Item?
I know it's so cliche, but probably my phone.  I check blog posts, email, etsy, FB, etc. on that little monster.
F: Favorite Color?
Tiffany Blue.  Pretty much anything blue or green, actually.
G: Game to Play or Watch? 
To play - street hockey.  I know that is crazy random (plus I haven't played since High School) but I looooove street hockey. 

H: Hollywood or Hometown?
I think that I'd like to visit Hollywood but that I'd live more Hometown.  I don't want to live in my hometown, though.  Does that make sense?
I: Indulgence?
The thing I indulge myself into the most would be sweets.  I'm like 12-steps addicted to macarons and fro-yo & the weight on the scale reflects that.  *wah wah wah*
J: Job Title
I'm a little bit of everything.  I have a full time job plus I run two blogs and an Etsy store, am the primary grocery shopper, house cleaner & pet caregiver.  Oh, and I take care of the bills, laundry & whatever else that comes along. 
K: Kids and Names?
I don't have kids but I have three pets.  Does that count?

L: Life is Incomplete Without?
My little family.  Someone once told me that family doesn't have to mean blood relation & that's definitely true.  My boyfriend & I have created this little family with us & our pets and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

M: Music Group?
I'm not really bogged down my a musical genre, although I can honestly say that country is NOT my jam.  You won't ever hear me listening to country, unless it's a rare occurrence where an old Dixie Chicks song is on the radio.  I think my favorite bands are Dave Matthews Band, No Doubt & Smashing Pumpkins.  I listen to so many different bands that it makes me grateful for Pandora - you get to listen to songs you love without using all the memory in your phone or running up a massive iTunes bill!
N: Number of Siblings?
O: Oranges or Apples? 
Do clementines count as oranges? I love those little things.  I also have a soft spot for Granny Smith apples sprinkled with salt.  (don't judge)
P: Phobias/Fears?
I don't think I've got any phobia but I sure as hell don't like spiders or snakes.  No thank you, ma'am.
Q: Quote?
I've got a Quotes Board on Pinterest but these are a few of my favorites:

R: Reason To Smile?
Even when I'm having an awful day, I get to come home to the boyfriend & our pets and I guarantee you at least one of them will do something goofy to make me smile.
S: Season? 
All of them, I think.  I know that we all start complaining when we feel that Winter has gone on too long or that Summer is just.so.hot, but that's the beauty of the world - we get to experience a myriad of weather.  I'm appreciative of that.
T: Tattoos? 
None & it's staying that way.

 U: Unknown Fact About Me? 
I don't know what to put here?  Are there really any facts about yourself that at least one person doesn't know?  Ooooh that was deep(ish).
V: Vegetable You Love?
Broccoli, carrots, potatoes, corn.

W: Worst Habits?
Buying shoes (heels specifically) since I rarely get to wear them, sometimes lacking motivation, buying plants & unintentionally killing them, buying make-up that I don't need (at this point, my room looks like a cosmetics counter).
X: X-Rays? 
I'm not sure that I've ever had one.  Does a CAT Scan count?
Y: Yummy Food?
If it's tasty, I'll want to eat it.  See "I" for more information.
Z: Zoo Favorites? 
Penguins & bats.  Yeah, I know, you're all like "bats?!" but I think they're cute!
Hey readers!  Are you going to make an A To Z?  I'd love to read it!  If you do, post your link below so I can check it out:)

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  1. I love bats and broccoli too!
    I'm so nosey, I love these sorts of post :)

    Jesss xo


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