July 3, 2013

{Recipe} Ricotta Cheesecake

While I'm all for the intricate & fancy 4th of July treats people make, I feel like once someone starts eating it, all your hard work is down the drain.  For example, someone makes one of those cakes, decorating it like an American flag with fruit.  Those are adorable...until they start getting eaten.  I would just feel like my beautiful creation got ruined.  (Or maybe I'm making too much of a deal about of a cake...I'm just passionate about my baking/decorating.)

Well this year, I'm going to do things a little differently.  This year I'm bringing my Ricotta Cheesecake.  It's easy, it's simple and most important of all - it's delicious!  As always, I've made a recipe card for you below.  Just right click to save, then print it out in whatever size you like.  I make this dessert festive by throwing a few of my favorite red & blue berries on top.  No need to be uniform, just make it festive!

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