January 20, 2014

Let's Get Weird

Today I'm going to list a few weird, random & basically unknown facts about myself because I thought it might be fun to a little bit about yours truly.  Feel free to share some of your randomness in the comments below!  We'll be weird together!  It'll be fun....

- I get horribly warm while sleeping.  Even in the winter, I go to bed in a tank top and shorts because I will be burning up all night long.  It's like I turn into a little furnace when I sleep.

- I wish I had some "bar friends".  You know, the kind of friends who think a night out going to bars and drinking but mostly laughing and possibly making an ass out of ourselves is fun.  I don't have that and I feel like it would be a good thing to have.

At least, that's how I hope the equation goes.

- I am always tired.  I have a sleeping issue where I don't go into REM cycle and therefore wake up a ridiculous amount of times per night.  I also sleep with 2 cats and a dog (who likes to burrow under covers) on the bed, so as you can imagine, they are no help in the "good nights' sleep" department.

- I don't consider myself a clean freak but sometimes I look at my house and I guess I see every little thing wrong with the clean-factor and it drives me bat shit crazy.  I'll just have these spells where 'somewhat clean' isn't good enough.  Naturally, the boys just sit on the couch or playing on the computer and pretend like I'm not cleaning like my life depends on it...up until I'm almost done and then I get a "Hey, do you need some help?", which just pisses me off even further. 

-I've come to sadly realize that snow is no longer fun.  I still appreciate the grand beauty of it all, but as it serves no purpose in getting me a day off from work, I am now indifferent to it.  It used to be a magical thing when I was younger - it meant no class and staying home, eating junk food and watching TV all day.  Now it means the roads will be crappy on the way to work and it will be cold as balls all day.  Bummer.

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