January 14, 2014


Last month was crazy busy, as you could probably tell as I've been largely M.I A. on the blog.  I've been humbly amazed by how much this blog has grown in friends (followers) this year.  I am just now getting my "get up and get moving" wind for 2014.  I'm starting things off with a fresh new blog design by the lovely Jana Tolman (debuting soon!) as well as new features, ad spots, recipes, tutorials & more! 

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles:
* Loving this pin on how to maximize storage space.
* Thinking this post on 50 free or inexpensive date nights is pretty cool.
* Really digging the Avalon Rose Design Pinterest page. 

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* This girl cracks me up.  Meet Tyler from Arkansassy.
Favorite YouTube Video this Week:
* No Heat Paper Bag Curls - Michelle Phan
Inspiring Me this Week:
Getting ready to get crafty.  I've been so inspired by the jewelry and decorations you lovely people make that I'm gearing up to have my own DIY/Tutorial section right here on the blog.
3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I'm extremely talented at getting crumbs everywhere while eating. 
* I have very very long hair but rarely fix it.
* I am always tired.  Even if I've slept for 12 hours, I'm still tired.

Weekly Question (please give your answer below!)
* What is your favorite healthy dish/recipe??

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