March 25, 2014

Cranky + Inspiration

  dat moose.  the weird things I do to amuse myself...

I'm not entirely sure who told migraines that it was A-okay to move in and make a permanent residence in my head but yeah, I'm not okay with that decision.  In fact, I'm pretty massively tired of having a migraine (or even a headache for that matter) almost every day.  I'm bound and determined (where did that phrase come from??) to not let it ruin my day today.  I'm actually trying very hard not to be miserable right now.  I've been checking up on some of my favorite blogs today and man, I am overwhelmed with inspiration!  There are a couple posts that I feel the need to highlight, if for nothing more than having a bookmark so I can go back to OOH & AHH over later (plus that whole, you know, sharing awesome stuff with you guys thing!)....

I'm mad obsessed with Leslyn's house.  The chairs in the kitchen, the headboard in her baby's room, the hydrangeas...  Basically I'd be here all day if I kept listing everything I totally l-o-v-e about her design style.  I really do adore the abundant use of white with gorgeous accent colors, though.  My boyfriend is a "bull in a china shop" kind of guy so the whiteness would not last very long in my house so I'll just have to adore from afar, I guess.

I'm also quite curious about maca root.  I'd honestly never heard about it until today but then I read this post on Kate's blog about it and now my interest is piqued.  Kate puts it in her green smoothies.  That's another thing I'm curious about.  Dem smoothies.  I tried making a smoothie ONCE.  I say only once because I'm a dumbass and tried to make one using apples.  Let me count the ways that that did not work out.  Pulpy.  Chunky.  Skin-ny?  Yeah, I kept the apple skin on.  Yeah, I tried mixing it with juice, with strawberries...but it was a big ol' mess and kind of ruined my smoothie-making before it even began.  I might, maybe, may try to make a green smoothie at some point in the future due to this post.  Hopefully it will turn out better than the last attempt.


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