March 4, 2014

{RECIPE} Easy Mardi Gras King Cake

Happy Mardi Gras!  Break out your beads, booze and king cake!  If you're one of the thousands upon thousands who travel down to New Orleans this time of year, you'd see people from all over celebrating with dancing, costumes, masks, booze and decadent food.  But, if you're far from the excitement of New Orleans like I am but you still crave the absolute deliciousness that is King Cake, then I have the perfect recipe for you!

King Cake is a cinnamon roll-esque cake covered in icing and scattered with purple, gold and green sprinkles on the outside.  I could sit here and give you this incredibly detailed from-scratch recipe that would take hours to make or we could just be a little bit lazy and make one with just a few ingredients...which one sounds better to you guys?  I don't know about you but since it's freezing cold outside and I already have this stuff in my fridge, I'm going with my two-ingredient recipe!

 tip:  right click to save.  print your desired size.

Sometimes I make a cream cheese mixture (1/2 cup cream cheese & 2 tablespoons powdered sugar) and pipe it in between the cinnamon roll twists before baking.  You can also try it with your favorite jam too!  Strawberry is a personal favorite!

Original beads in trees image via Pinterest.  Mardi Gras recipe card found via Google.  



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