April 22, 2014

Things I Love Week: Day Two

♥The 8-Bit Cinema version of Anchorman really makes me want to play video games.

♥In case you're having a bad day, head to Emergency Compliment and click until you feel better.

♥In case Emergency Compliment doesn't work, try Heal Yourself, Skeletor.  I couldn't help but smile.

♥Aside from the new Cookie Dough Oreo's tasting really gross, it turns out that they are, actually, well....gross.  (I really like that someone called them out on this.)

♥NYMag's interesting take on why we have such nostalgia for teen movies.

♥Speaking of nostalgia, did you know that the impulses & feeling you have when listening to a favorite song are a result of music-evoked frisson?

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