June 18, 2014

Blogging All Over The Place

Yesterday I was stumbling around the internets when I came across this post by Whitney.  Her post was dedicated to the idea that pretty much anyone, at any given time, might be reading your words.  While I know and am okay with this in a logical sense, the part of me that is bat-shit crazy gets a little wigged out every now and then.  I'm a curious little kitty, though, and I do find it fascinating.


Yes, there are people (friends, parents of friends, exes, etc.) that I wonder about finding my little space in the blogosphere.  Imagine if they ever found their way here and realized that I'm just a total nutcase.  I guess it is my prerogative to screw shit up at any given time as well as my right as a 'Merican to free speech all over this bitch.   So there.

Although, if I'm being honest with myself (and you guys, too) I have to say that if I knew about an ex who had a blog, I might scope that shit out.  Once.  I most likely wouldn't come back to it as I'm not real big on seeing someone that I loved & who made me happy --- loving someone else.  It's not that I don't wish them happiness, but why would I want to dredge up those old feelings?  Hard pass.

Anyway, the thought of people actually reading my blog made me realize that at one time I was actually scared to let people know I blogged.  I mean, sure, there are still some people I don't want to know but now, I'm much more comfortable in my blogging skin.  In fact, talking about my blog inspired two of my friends to start blogs as well. 

Whitney was right.  Blogging is so much cheaper than therapy.

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