June 19, 2014

Ways To Wear Pastels In Summer (Part 1)

Some people feel that pastels are childlike colors but they couldn't be more wrong.  There are many fantastic ways to rock those lightly hued tones.  Today I'm going to show you some great ways to get more wear out of your pastel items.

Pastel In Summer #1
Pair it with edgy pieces such as animal print or leather.
//Shorts, $35//Top, $24//Clutch, $22//Shoes, $50//Bracelet, $24//Earrings, $10//

Pastels In Summer #2
Don't be afraid to go classic.  Vintage looks are timeless.
//Skirt, $30//Shoes, $42//Top, $35//Purse, $50//Earrings, $17//

Pastels In Summer #3

If your pastels are too sweet, offset them with bright neons.
//Dress, $45//Cardigan, $40//Shoes, $45//Belt, $25//Ring, $20//

Each item on these style boards is, and will always be, less than $50!  My goal is to share affordable & fun fashion!  
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