July 31, 2014

[GUEST BLOGGER] Gwen Lewis on Styling Your Makeup To Match Your Outfit

Matching clothing to makeup makes your image look polished and complete. The great thing about it is that you can achieve a variety of different looks, based on what you’re going for. Here are some ideas to help you strike the right balance so that your summer style works from head to toe.

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Follow the Rule of Opposites

Summer is all about bright and bold color, but if you go overboard with your makeup and what you wear, the result could be messy. A simple tip is to work with the rule of opposites - your outfit color and makeup shades can complement each other with a bit of contrast.


     If you are wearing a coral dress, a grey or neutral eye could be more effective than applying orange or coral to your eyelids.
     If your top is a dark color, use summery and pastel shades such as lavender or pink on your lips or eyes.

Contrast creates a striking result. Cosmopolitan states that you should also emphasize one part of your face (such as lips or eyes) and keep the others minimal.

Play with Metallic Shades

When wearing bright, playful summer colors, metallic makeup shades can help you put your best face forward without clashing with your fashion choices.

For instance: 

     A vibrant blue dress will look gorgeous when paired with silvery eye shadow.
     A citrus yellow top will work with a gold eye liner.
     A fuchsia dress will look regal when teamed with a ruby lipstick.

Metallic shades that contain jewel tones, such as navy or burgundy, are a good choice if you want to add a pop of color to the magic metal. Try Dior’s Mirror-Shine Eyeshadow that features sparkly and sophisticated colors.

Match One Item

The point of matching your fashion to your makeup is to make your look appear effortless and connected. This can be achieved by matching just one item of clothing to an element of your makeup. For instance, wear a handbag and lipstick in the same color. This pulls the look together elegantly with no fuss!

Same Color, Different Shades 

Another way to match your fashion and makeup is to use the same color in different shades. Actress Emma Stone pulled this off exquisitely at the 2012 Spiderman movie premiere when she teamed a purple dress with a smoky purple eye. The reason why it worked, as mentioned on The Huffington Post, was because the purple tones differed

Let it Shine

Gorgeous summer nights on the town might be defined by a glitzy dress. If you’re wearing gold, silver, or another shiny color, go ahead and add some of the same shimmer to your Try dabbing on a bit of a shimmery eye shadow to your eyes or lower eyelids for some fun, without the faux pas.

Fast Tip: Foolproof Fashion

A safe way to score a fashionable look from your lips to your sexy summer sandals is to choose neutral makeup colors. Shades such as browns and earth tones (such as a dusty pink on your cheeks and soft coral on your lips) will go with any colors and styles that you’ve decided to pull from your wardrobe.

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Skin SOS

Although your makeup is important, the first step to an amazing makeup color palette is to maintain a nourishing summer skin care routine. Try a skin lightening soap bar from Fair & Flawless called Soya Lait Lightening Bar that exfoliates dead skin cells on your body and keeps skin smooth. On your face, apply concealer before dabbing on some bronzer, such as Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. It’s long-lasting while providing moisturizing effects.

Follow the above tips and you’re guaranteed to achieve effortlessly chic summer style. 

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