July 29, 2014

That time I unfriended Facebook Messenger.

Once upon a time I had a choice whether I wanted to use the Facebook Messenger.  I had decided against it because, in my mind, I didn't understand why Facebook needed not one but two apps to get it's stuff in order.  Why use the Messenger app when I have the Messages option on my phone?

Well, I got a text from my friend Gaby yesterday asking me if I'd gotten a weird message from a friend of ours.  I clicked on my Messages button and it tells me that I HAVE TO download Messenger.  Ughhhhh....why?! 

Facebook, the all knowing entity that it is, says it's for my benefit.  A faster app speed for both Facebook & Messenger, they say to butter me up.  Right.  Here's what I think.  Facebook is a bully.  Once again, I'm faced with a decision that I have no control over.  Facebook is in a great position.  What other messaging app would you need since you now have handy, dandy Messenger --- complete with video, friends list, blah blah blah.

I feel like I have a reason to be a little irked.  If you read the TOS, you'll find out that when you allow the app to record audio, it can do so now, at any time, without your permission.  If you allow the app to take pictures or videos, that permission also allows the app to use the camera without your permission.

I started searching through the Settings, trying to locate the privacy settings so I can set them but alas, there are none.  It just takes you to condensed versions of various licensing agreements and the like.  To get this app, you have to agree to their terms of service, but you need to realize that you're agreeing to something without being given the option to know what it is that you're agreeing to.

Sorry, Facebook Messenger, but I've unfriended you.  I'd say it was fun, the one day your little square app sat on my screen, but, well, it wasn't.  I was wary of you from the start but after a little research you seem just plain shady.  I deleted your little icon less than twelve hours after I installed it.  I guess I'll have to do things the "hard way" (*insert eye roll*) and actually log on to my account on a computer to see if I have any messages.....which is still way better than realization that you might be creeping on me, you big perv.

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