September 15, 2014

LOALM ♥'s BaubleBar

There are so many gorgeous, sparkly reasons to love BaubleBar.  In addition to their great everyday prices, they also do the "$10 Buried Bauble" on Friday's and the "$20 Platinum Buried Bauble" on Monday's.  I love the Buried Bauble surprise because you never know what it'll be...but whatever it is, it's at a fraction of it's usual price...and for that day only!


Teardrop Confetti Collar, $42

Opal Galactic Drops, $38

String Fling Bracelets, 3 for $25

Bondage Chain Ring, $28

If you're not a member of BaubleBar, click here to join!  It's totally free.  Enter code "30089" as your invite reference & you're all set!

This is not a sponsored post but does contain affiliate links.

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