January 7, 2015

Geeking Out: Play Oregon Trail, Wolfenstein, SimCity, Carmen Sandiego and other classic MS-DOS games free online!

My inner child is having a field day.

The Internet has delivered us yet another fantastic distraction from actually getting things done; this time in the form of The Internet Archive.  The IA geniuses have presented us with thousands of our favorite childhood MS-DOS games to play for FREE.  Did I mention that I love you, Internet Archive?
 Poor Nicole...

While The Oregon Trail is obviously a huge draw (I mean, who doesn't want to die of dysentery?  Figuratively, of course.), I found myself geeking out over games like Zelda, Wolfenstein, Donkey Kong, SimCity, Pac-Man, Doom, Street Fighter, Indiana Jones, Pole Position, Gremlins, Psycho, Carmen Sandiego, Wayne's World & Beetlejuice, amongst many others.  These were the games of my childhood!  

 Party Time!  Excellent!

I'm also a big fan of Game-Tek's Double Dare (I loved the show) and Lemmings 3D by Clockwork Games. And who can forget all the incredible Disney games based off of their movies & tv shows from back in the day?  I played so many of them!

If you want to escape from the everyday or just feel a little bit of childhood nostalgia, this is definitely the place to go.

Images via Google search (Buzzfeed & Game Fabrique)


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