February 9, 2016

Surprise Sale @ Kate Spade (aka Kate Spade Valentine's Day Gift Guide #1)

A few years ago, I got my first taste of Kate Spade and I was instantly addicted. Normally, Mrs. Spade is a little (read: lot) out of my price range but every great once in a while, they have a surprise sale and when I say "sale", I mean sale.

A new surprise sale just started and man, are there some really cute pieces! Since guys aren't usually very attentive on their own when it comes to awesome gifts, I figured I'd work up a little gift guide of pieces that would make great (and affordable) V-Day gifts so you can drop a hint or two to your significant other.

Tomorrow I'll share a guide featuring my picks from the sale that would make great Valentine's Day gifts for friends, family or yourself!

If you see something(s) you like, you'd better hurry! The sale ends in two and a half days.  Happy shopping!

This post does not contain affiliate links. These are just items I liked and wanted to share with my lovely readers.

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