September 13, 2017

Surf On The Beach Without Drowning In Phone Bills With Free Vacation Wifi

Not so long ago, vacations abroad were phone-free zones. Unless you wanted to face excessive roaming charges, you left your phone at home. If you did take it along, it went in the hotel safe the moment you arrived.

Now, though, the idea of going a week without a phone is too much for many of us to bear. Luckily, modern living and free wifi in most areas means we can keep our phones handy. Some providers even offer free travel-wifi as standard. Bear in mind that, if you are using free wifi spots, you need to ensure you’re only connected to that wifi! The moment you’re out of range, you’ll start paying big time. To avoid accidents, turn your wifi capabilities off as soon as you leave a free area.

So, what does this mean for you? While you should still avoid calls and texts when away, wifi capabilities at least enable you to contact people back home. Here’s how.

Free Messaging
Texting should be well and truly off your vacation cards. Many a holiday maker has returned to a hefty bill for this exact reason. Instead, you can make use of free wifi spots when looking to chat with your loved ones.

Programs such as Whatsapp are perfect for this. Here, you can message with as much ease as texting would afford you. Better, it won’t cost you a penny. Using this program, you can even send video clips and photos without worry. Video calling is also an option if you fancy it!

The main downside with Whatsapp is that you’ll only be able to talk with friends who have the program installed. For those who aren’t on Whatsapp, you could send messages on Facebook, or other social media platforms. If they aren’t on these, encourage them to sign during your time away. Unlike with Whatsapp, they won’t even have to download anything to do so. 

Hassle-Free Postcards
Postcards used to be a staple of any holiday. Despite the fact you could barely fit anything on the back, these were the primary form of communication with people back home. Things have moved on since then. While postcards can still be a fun part of your holiday, you no longer have to traipse around looking for the perfect one. Now, companies like My Postcard offer a photo postcard app. This ensures you get the perfect image each time. Even better, sending them is as easy as tapping a button on your screen.

Share Your Holiday Snaps
Let’s be honest; no one enjoys long displays of someone else’s vacation pictures. Now, you can spread them out by posting them on platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. (Check out this fun article on11 Tips for Taking the Perfect Travel Shot on Instagram). Your loved ones are sure to appreciate your picture taking more when it comes in small groups like this. Plus, it's a fantastic way to keep photos safe. If you run out of room on your memory card, you can delete images and rest easy that you’ll retrieve them when you get home. 

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