October 25, 2017

Bon Voyage: What To Buy The Travel Junky In Your Life

If you know someone who is always packing up to go somewhere exotic, you might be curious to see what you can buy them as a gift. It might be that you want to buy them something before one of their many trips, just as something to remember you by. Or maybe you just want to treat them on their birthday to something travel-related. Either way, it is good to be prepared for these eventualities, so that you can find the ideal present when the time finally comes to do so. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best gift ideas for that person who is always going somewhere.


World Map
Clearly, someone who enjoys traveling extensively will probably have a good use for a map. At first glance, you might feel that a world map is not actually an inspiring gift. But it all depends on the kind of map you buy. These days, you can get your hands on a huge range of different world maps, and it is possible that you will be able to find one that suits your friend perfectly. If you like, you could even order a personalized one, with markings depicting locations where a number of interesting or important things happened. Or you could consider buying them a scratch-off map, where they can scratch off countries as they visit them. Being able to log where they have been in this visual way is likely to go down pretty well, so this is a great gift to consider for any occasion of theirs.

Similarly, if you still think a world map is not quite unique enough, you could always consider buying them a globe instead. Globes are often much more exciting, partly because of their intuitively interactive nature, but also because they are just lovely to look at. If you happen to know that they are keen to find some kind of an ornament to fill their home with, then a globe could be the perfect way to fill that space. You can even get hold of light-up globes which can be used effectively as a lamp for any living room or bedroom too. Or you might want to choose a globe which is a little more ornate if you don’t mind spending a bit more money. However you do it, this is a gift that most people would enjoy, let alone the travel junkie in your life.


Or how about something practical instead? Chances are, they often have a need for a backpack when they are traveling, so getting them a brand new one could actually be a very thoughtful gift indeed. Of course, you might find that they are quite specific and picky about what kind of bag they actually enjoy using so it might be a good idea to check with them first. The last thing you want is to have wasted your money on a bag they won’t really use. But if you get it right, you might have actually made their future travels much more comfortable - and that is a delightfully thoughtful thing to have done for them. Just make sure that it is a good size, and that you pick out a color and design combination that they are likely to enjoy as much as possible. This could be a present that lasts them for years, and there is always something lovely about that.

Spending Money
If they are just about to head off on one of their many journeys, you could help them out even more by merely assisting with the cost of spending. While many people don’t like the idea of giving money as a gift, when it is foreign money in the name of a particular trip it is somewhat of a different element. There is no reason to be embarrassed about this, especially as you can wrap it up nicely and present it to them as they leave. You will probably find that this goes down better than you thought, and it also has the advantage of being a pretty straightforward kind of gift for you to get hold of too. It’s a good idea to present it in a greeting card or something similar, to add to the sense of actually having got them a gift rather than just exchanging money.


If there is anything that works as a gift for literally any occasion, it has to be jewelry. That is as true here as anywhere else. If they are about to embark on another vacation, then buying them a bracelet or watch can be an excellent way to mark the event. Alternatively, if it is their birthday, or you are starting to think about Christmas, then you could consider buying them a piece of jewelry which coincides or reminds them somehow of their last trip, or perhaps even of their favorite place to visit (if they have a clear winner on that front, that is). You’ll need to be careful and think about who your friend is, what they like, and what will work. Some combinations are tricky, such as buying gold chains for men or a watch for women, but with the right focus and effort, you should be able to find them just the right piece. As we said, jewelry can be the ideal way to mark any occasion, so it is always something you can quickly consider here too.

Personalised Luggage Tag
Again we come back to the more practical gifts with this next one. Luggage tags are incredibly useful as a way for your travel-loving friend to be able to find their own luggage. What makes this even more helpful is if they are also personalized, and that also is a great way of making it a much more exciting and thoughtful gift. A personalized luggage tag can be a fantastic way to give them a gift which is both practical and enjoyable and is definitely on the conservative side of gift-giving too.


Wallet Or Purse
Clearly, it is likely that they will often be in need of a good way to store their money as they travel. If you can get them something of this sort, you are effectively helping them to make their trip safer, as well as potentially buying them something that they can enjoy as an item in itself. Buying wallets or purses can be quite challenging to get right, but if you shop around enough, you should be able to let your instinct guide you to the right kind of one for the person you are thinking of. There is no doubt that this gift will go down well, especially if they are about to go on a trip to somewhere a little dangerous or risky. Help them look after their money, and they will be sure to be grateful - especially if you combine this gift with the above idea of getting them some spending money.


Something that all travel-lovers enjoy is being able to accurately record their experiences. If you happen to know that they could probably do with a new camera, then this could be an extraordinarily generous and thoughtful way to show your feelings towards them. You don’t need to go overboard and buy the latest fancy SLR, but if you get hold of a mid-range digital camera, this is bound to go down pretty well. Just make sure that they really do need one, and that you are happy paying the money necessary for an item of that kind. With any luck, this could be one of the most generous gifts they have ever received.

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