October 27, 2017

Flowers! The Gift That Can Speak a Thousand Words


You might think that sending a bouquet of flowers may be cliche or a little old-fashioned but there’s a reason that people have sent one another bunches of blooms for centuries now. Flowers are truly a gift that can suit almost any occasion, as different species of plants have all sorts of connotations and symbolisms behind them. So, no matter what the occasion, there’s a floral gift that will suit your needs perfectly. Flowers truly are the gift that can speak a thousand words. Here are a few different occasions and the best type to suit it!

New Home
When people move into a new property, it can be rather difficult to choose something to congratulate them. Purchasing household goods is a kind idea at its core. However, chances are that the new homeowners will want to decorate and furnish their property to their own specific taste and preferences. They may appreciate a new set of dishes, some cushions, or a rug. But there’s a good chance that they may well have something else in mind that suits their aesthetic or the functionality of their home better. Flowers are a simple gift that shows that you’re excited for them. However, they are not permanent. They can decorate the property for a short time and then be moved aside for things that they’ve chosen for themselves. If you know their tastes well and want to opt for something a little more permanent, a brilliant option could be a peace lily. These potted plants signify peace and tranquillity: perfect for the domestic environment.


Get Well Soon
Many hospitals don’t allow visitors to bring flowers anymore. This is logical and practical, as you never know whether other patients have allergies to things like pollen plus everyone wants to ensure that recovery spaces are as clean and sterile as possible. However, once someone has returned home after an operation or treatment, a bouquet of beautiful flowers might be exactly what they need to brighten the place up a bit and lift their spirits. A Florist will be able to combine the best quality picks to make something truly stunning. Choose something bright and joyous, like sunflowers. These plants follow the sun, so will remind your loved one to keep their chin up at even the most adverse times.

Loss is awful, and there are never any words that can truly comfort someone who is mourning. However, flowers are a simple way of showing that you have someone in your thoughts. It’s not imposing, as you can have them delivered. For situations such as this, standard lilies may be ideal. They are indicative of transience, representing the individual who has passed to the other side.

These are just a few occasions where flowers can be used as the perfect gift. Others can include mother’s day, birthdays, or even as a simple surprise. So, if you’re ever in doubt, remember that flowers should do just the trick.

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