October 19, 2017

Hi, I’m X And I’m Addicted To Caffeine!

Addictions are bad right? A person with a drug dependency needs help because it’s a destructive habit. Yet, there are thousands of people who deal with addiction every day. You may be one such person. Like or not, caffeine is a drug and the average person consumes more than 10 grams per day. To put it into perspective, 400 milligrams is enough to kill a person. The first step with any addiction is acceptance. Once you understand there is a problem, here are the next steps.

Keep A Diary
The problem with caffeine is it is ubiquitous without being conspicuous. Simply put, it’s in everything from tea and coffee to chocolate but it isn’t easy to spot. You can’t taste it, so you would have to read the label to get a clear indication. How many consult the back of the coffee jar before making a cup of joe? Hardly anyone! A diary helps you keep track of much caffeine you consume on a daily basis. When the amount gets too much, the journal should push you into cutting back. Checking the ingredients of food before eating is a useful tip, also.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey
Any self-respecting medical professional will say going cold turkey is a bad idea. If an addiction is severe, taking it out of a diet could be fatal. Of course, your habit isn’t as extreme, but cutting out caffeine altogether is not healthy. Also, it doesn’t help with the cravings. The key is to reduce the amount of it in your bloodstream over time. Start by having one less cup of coffee or tea a day, then have one less and one less until you don’t drink any caffeinated drinks. Gradually reducing the intake is better than jumping the gun.

Cover Up The Tea And Coffee
Drinking tea and coffee becomes a routine which is hard to stop. It’s even harder when they are on display 24/7. Many people keep their tea bags and/or coffee on the kitchen counter. Once you see it, the brain will decide it wants it. Try tricking your mind by camouflaging the container. Thankfully, there are gift caddies which are perfect for a cover-up job. Simply put it over the jars and the caffeine is out of sight and out of mind. The great thing is everything is still on hand should you fancy a brew. Plus, the cover stops the tea or coffee from going bad.

Make A Healthier Swap
People relate caffeine to sugar because it’s in lots of sugary foods. So, try and trick the mind into thinking it is getting its fix with a fizzy drink. The sugar should appease the body and stop the cravings. What about the caffeine in the soda? Don’t worry because some drinks don’t have any whatsoever. Sprite may be part of the Coca-Cola family, but it’s a healthier version. Just be careful to keep an eye on your sugar intake in you go down this route or you may end up with another addiction!

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