October 4, 2017

Never Show Up To A Party Empty Handed

No matter the size of the guest list, planning a party is a challenging task to undertake.  You need to work around various dietary requirements and your decor should reflect your superior trendspotting skills. Throughout these moments of stress,  do your best to be charming, funny, and polite as well. If you’ve hosted a party recently, you must be aware of the obstacles faced by your hostess, and as such you cannot fail to show your appreciation. Although they will wave off the compliments, it’s nice for a hostess to know that their hard work hasn’t been taken for granted. Show your manners and admiration for the hostess with one of the following hostess gifts. 

A bottle of alcohol 
Everyone can appreciate a good bottle of fine wine, whiskey, or champagne. Even if your gift isn’t opened during the party, the hostess can save it for another special occasion, or they might offer to have you visit again for a more intimate gathering so you can sample a glass of your hostess gift. It’s best to do some research for this gift, not just for the hostess’ taste, but also for a high quality bottle. If you’ve heard the hostess is fond of whiskey, look up the Kikori whiskey price and reviews to see if it will go down well. Alternatively, you could read wine reviews and find something that suits your budget, yet can still impress the hostess. 

Drinking utensils
If you suspect almost everyone will bring a bottle for drinking, then you can give a stylish, yet practical gift, of decorative glasses, or personalized coasters. Classic wine glasses with a long stem will always be greatly appreciated at large gatherings, and stylish flutes can be used if anyone wants to pop some champagne. However, you can make your gift truly unique if you present the hostess with stemless glasses. Although they might traditionally be used for wine, the sturdy base might also make them appropriate for pouring scotch or after-dinner brandy. Pair the glasses with monogrammed coasters to make the gift more personal, and to protect their furniture from stains. 

Flower and vases
It’s traditionally a nice gesture to bring a bouquet of flowers for the hostess, but you can never be too sure if they have a spare vase to display your thoughtful gift. Take all the guesswork by giving the hostess a vase yourself; it’s thoughtful, useful, and they can keep using it in the future. You can get some beautiful ceramic vases with unique designs, but if you want to avoid clashing with her furniture, you’re better off getting a simple glass vase. 

Mixed herbs wreath
Flowers might be a thoughtful gift, but plants that double as functional decor is even better. You can now buy wreaths made from mixed herbs for the hostess to use in her cooking in the future. Some come woven with fresh bay leaf, sage, purple oregano, dill, lavender, and chile de arbol which are sure to be a treat for the eyes, nose, and taste buds. 

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