November 2, 2017

Buying a Gift That Keeps on Giving

When we give gifts, we are trying to say something to the recipient. The message we send with gifts could be anything from ‘I’m sorry’ flowers to ‘I love you’ jewellery or ‘happy birthday’ wine, etc.. But...what if your gift could work a little bit harder and do some good for other people too?

Some gifts are amazing, not just because they make us happy, but because they also have the power to keep on giving. What could be better than a gift that has multiple purposes and all of them are good? Your gift might be a great opportunity to give a donation to charity, or it could benefit the environment and encourage more eco-friendly behaviors.

Here are a few examples:

Adopt a Wild Animal

For animal lovers, there can be no greater gift than adopting an endangered species on their behalf. Okay, so it’s probably for the best that a black jaguar or a polar bear isn’t actually expecting to move in, of course, but you're still likely to receive a welcome pack with a cute toy and plenty of information about how the species is being protected. This is a real feel good gift and it's perfect for young children because the cuddly toy will remind them of the real world they live in and how important it is to keep safe for future generations.

Support Veterans

Finding a gift for a returning veteran is a difficult balance. One of the best things you can do to show your support is find a gift that will also ensure a donation to a charity supporting veterans. Bullets2Bandages do just that. With every novelty gift you buy, you are simultaneously raising awareness about the struggles veterans face when they return home and funding realistic and practical solutions. A perfect balance.

Love Your Environment

Our environment is absolutely critical to maintaining life on our favorite blue and green planet. Flowers are a great gift to send for all occasions, but sending a live plant could even be a better gift. Encourage your friends to create gardens that attract all sorts of local wildlife, including a wide variety of insects. Lots of different flowers, trees and foliage will create a fabulous little ecosystem that will really benefit the local area. You could even buy them the beginnings of an herb garden to encourage their culinary interests too. If they aren’t really the green thumb type, extend your gift and offer your own gardening services to get them going.

If you can, try to find experiences to give to your friends rather than physical things. There is already so much stuff in the world, that these things often end up in the closet anyway. Gifts that keep on giving are such a wonderful idea that once you get started, you’ll never go back to giving your friends anything else. These are just three simple ideas to get you going, but once you start thinking, there are plenty of goodwill gestures you can make that will benefit everyone.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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