November 15, 2017

Christmas Gift Inspiration: What To Get The Music Lover in Your Life

With the holidays only a matter of weeks away, it is time to start thinking about what you might be choosing to buy for other people this festive season. Giving gifts can be overwhelming; having to budget and decide who gets what can take time and effort...which is where this post comes in. A few ideas to help you on the way is always a good idea, and this post has a few ideas on what to get for the musician or music lovers in your life.

Personalized Print
They say that it is the thought that counts with a gift. When something has been made personal to the recipient, they will know that you have been thinking of them when you got the gift. There are many options out there for you, but a sound wave print to one of their favorite songs could be a good idea, as well as framed sheet music for a piece that means a lot to them. It could even be something they have written if they are a bit of a songwriter, to make it extra special.

Vinyl Records
All true music lovers know that anything sounds better when it is played from a vinyl record. So many artists nowadays are releasing vinyl copies of their music too. But if there is some music from their favorite artist or band that they don’t have on vinyl, then you could look somewhere like Nationwide Disc to get them a copy of it. Then they can enjoy the retro vibe of playing their favorite music on vinyl. If they don’t have a record player, then that could easily make another gift option for them too.

Gig Tickets
All music lovers love to go and see live music, right? So tickets to see a band, orchestra, or solo artist could be just the thing that they would love for a gift. Gigs and concerts are happening all of the time. So you’re bound to find something that they would enjoy. Even better is if you get two tickets and get to go with them!

Speakers or Headphones
If you have a friend or family member that is a big music buff, then they're probably listening to music a lot, whether at home or out and about, which is where a new pair of speakers could come in as a great gift idea. They could be wireless ones to help them listen at home, or even some new headphones. Over the head earphones are pretty trendy right now so could work well. But if you are really wanting to splash out, then the new Apple wireless headphones could be the ones for you.

Hopefully, this has given you a little bit of inspiration of what to give when it comes to the music lovers or the musicians that you have in your life. What gifts are you looking forward to giving this holiday season?

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