November 3, 2017

Getting Back on the Road: Rediscovering Your Love Of Travel

Travelling is almost universally recognized as being good for the soul. You learn new things about the world and yourself, meet amazing people and have tons of experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. However, it does sometimes happen that the travel bug can wear off, and when it does, we can sometimes feel at a loose end. If we’ve made it our mission to see the world, it’s inconvenient not to have the energy or enthusiasm to get out there! Luckily, however, there are a few tried and tested ways of falling back in love with travel. Check out some of our ideas below, and you’ll soon be back trotting the globe!

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Spend One Year Not Traveling

If you’ve been traveling non-stop for the past few years, then here’s a crazy idea: why don’t you go home for a year? Yes, the idea of returning to the town you grew up in might not fill you with much excitement, but it will come with a bag of benefits. For starters, you’ll be able to sit down and reflect on all the cool places you’ve been since you left home. And second of all, once the novelty of seeing friends and enjoying all those home comforts has worn off, it won’t be long before you’re dreaming of getting back into the big wide world!

Ditch the Plane

OK, someone needs to say it: airports suck. There’s a lot of people who kind of enjoy them, but overall, there’s not that much to love, and there are certainly better ways to get from A to B. If you’ve lost your appetite for travel, it might not be because you’re done seeing new places; it might be that you’re sick of checking in and flying through the air. If that’s the case, take a look at train travel. It’s an awesome way to see a country, and it can be affordable if you book far enough in advance.

Travel With a Friend

Part of the fun of traveling is making new friends, but we don’t always have the energy to rock up in a new country and find a new gang to go on adventures with. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have someone you know and like with you. Whether it’s a friend or family member, you’ll soon find there’s much to love about traveling with someone you love. You’ll make memories, laugh until you cry, and have someone by your side who knows what you like and don’t like.

Travel Solo

Of course, doing the opposite of this might also work for you. Sometimes we get so used to traveling with other people; we’re not entirely all that sure if we’d be able to make it all on our own should it come to it. If you’re always traveling with a companion when you move, consider making your next trip a solo one. You’ll discover much about yourself, and even if you don’t, there’s something to be said for always - and only - doing what you want. Plus, it’ll force you to get out of your comfort zone and you won’t be able to rely on other people when you get stuck.

A One-Off Experience

If you’re used to following the whole backpacking thing through wherever you go, why not put down the backpack for a while and have a completely different traveling experience? There are volunteering options abroad that, in effect, allow you to travel and try on a completely different skin for a while. You could find yourself on a tropical island, in the Arctic, or in the mountains of Africa. And you won’t just be traveling to these places; you’ll form part of a team of people working with a common goal in mind.


In at the Deep End

Of course, you don’t need to join other people to have new experiences. You can invent them for yourself. If you love all the challenges of traveling but don’t want to continue moving from A to B and then to C and onward, why not consider moving to another country and setting up camp for a while? You’ll still be able to travel on weekends, or at least you will if you pick the right destination, but you won’t be tied to traveling. You could find an affordable hdb flat rental in Singapore and have the whole of Asia on your doorstep, all the while spending your time getting to know the country inside out. Most people only pass through a country; by moving to one, you’ll know it in a way that wouldn’t be possible as a usual traveler.

Get Lost

The best things in life happen when we’re not expecting them. Alas, modern traveling has made it more difficult for the “unexpected” to happen. When we visit a new destination, we tend to find out where the cool areas are, read about the best bars and restaurants, and have a checklist of attractions we think we ought to see. What if next time, you did none of these things, and instead just followed your instinct. Leave the map behind and get wandering!

Meet Up With Locals

By far the best way to learn about a destination is to make friends with the locals. They’ll direct you toward the hidden gems, teach you about their culture, and so on. If you’re growing bored of city exploring, then meet up with a local and see what they can show you. You can use sites like as a way to join in with all the fun goings on around town. It certainly makes a nice change from randomly chatting to other travelers in hostels!

Treat Yourself to Luxury

If you travel often, then you’ll be a whizz at moving around on the cheap. This is useful, but it can also be limiting if you’re forever trying to do everything on a tight budget. If you have the money to do so, consider treating yourself to a luxury from time to time. This doesn’t have to be a first-class plane ticket (though that would be awesome); it can be a meal in a nice restaurant, an upgraded hotel room, or tickets to a theatre show. It’ll show you a different side of traveling.

Pick up a Hobby

You can’t always just be traveling the world and absorbing what it throws at you. You can always give something back, or channel what you’ve learned into something creative. Instead of just taking in the sights, consider picking up a hobby, and use travel as your muse. Being a travel filmmaker, photographer, or writer will invigorate you to keep on moving. Don’t worry if no-one else sees or reads what you’ve produced; the satisfaction of creating them will be enough.

Leave the Tech Behind

Travel has been changed by technology, and more and more of us are using apps, gadgets, and the internet as an integral part of our travel experiences. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s always good to take a break and explore the world without always taking our smartphone out of our pocket. For your next trip, commit to fully throwing yourself into the destination, without the use of technology. It’ll be scary, but will be worth it!

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A Test of Endurance

The world is full of comfort. And really, most places that people visit are similar to home, at least when it comes to modern conveniences. While these comforts are nice, traveling is about challenging yourself. As such, why do away with modern comfort and go on a traveling test of endurance. Climb a mountain, take an epic cycling trip, or commit to traveling across a country on foot, and you’ll be pushing yourself to be more.

Read Travel Narratives

There are a lot of people doing amazing things across the world, and they have been doing them for a long time. Read some of the most epic travel narratives, and you’ll be inspired to write your own chapter. Seeing what other people have done is the best way to figure out what you want to do next!

Slow Travel

Moving across a country is fun, but it’s not the only way to do it. You can also ‘travel slow’, which is where you learn more about a destination just by spending more time there. Turn up, see what happens, and don’t have an exit strategy in place.

Remember What’s Possible

The world is bigger and more beautiful than you can comprehend, and if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to see more of it, then it may be just because you can’t imagine what’s out there! Think of all the corners of the globe, and the people and sights therein, and never forget that you’ve only got a limited amount of time to see what’s there. If all else fails, remember that the lust for travel normally reappears the second you get moving again. Now, time to get out there and travel the world! 

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