December 16, 2017

A Compendium Of Chic Gifts: For When Only The Most Stylish Presents Will Do

Everyone has that one friend, the one that you love and dread buying for all at the same time. It's usually because they are super chic and you know that you will get to look at all the most hip and cool gifts, but then there is always that creeping dread and the concern that you might just get it wrong? Well, that is, of course, a possibility. Happily, though you can avoid it if you follow our guide below, so read on for a compendium of the chicest gifts out there right now!

Succulent Plants
Succulents are a major trend right now and giving them as a gift will earn you mucho points in the style stakes. Of course, you can get all green-fingered and buy the plants and pots separately and arrange them yourself.

Although buying them online to be delivered that very day like you can here at is a much more convenient option. After all, gift giving is complicated enough, why make it more so?

Afternoon Tea Hampers
If the recipient of your gift is of a sophisticated mindset then why not treat them to an old English style afternoon tea hamper?

Traditionally these contain edible delicacies such as scones and jam, cookies, and cakes as well as a selection of tea and even a bottle of bubbly to make things really special. You can get ready made versions, or buy a basket and fill it will items of your own choice. You can even bake your own sweet treats and scones by following the recipes available at

Soundwave Pictures
For the stylish, music enthusiastic in your life, why not get a gift that combines their love of sound with the personalized touch? What I am talking about here is a sound wave image.

These are visual representations of a phrase or clip of a song that are printed in color in high-quality paper, and then can be framed and use to decorate a wall in their home.

The big advantage of picking an item like this is that they can choose the sound they wish to be turned into art for themselves. That means they can have anything from their wedding vows to their babies first words, to a snippet from their most favorite song. Something that is bound to make it a gift they delight in.

Gorgeous Jewels
Lastly, do not forget the power and impact of good jewelry on any recipient. Of course, before you make your gift purchase you do need to think carefully about the person you are buying for. Consider all the details including the style of the piece, as well as its color, and the metal it is made from.

Particularly on trend at the moment is jewelry that includes geometric shapes, as well as rings of all kinds. Especially if they are layered together to create a bohemian and relaxed look.

Remember too to check to before investing in any earnings that the person in question has their ears pierced. Finally, do be sure to get a cute gift box in which you can deliver your offering, as this will make it look all the more special.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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