January 10, 2018

Is January The Month To Plan Your Next Trip?

We all know that January is a month of the blues; it’s a come down from the hype of Christmas for many plus it is still freezing cold and rainy -- generally, just not a month to enjoy. There's a very easy way to beat those blues once and for all; plan your next vacation. You might want to something for the summer, or maybe you need to inject some heat and adventure into your life a lot sooner? Valentine's day is swiftly approaching. That is a great time to get away with your loved one. Perhaps you want to set up a girls vacation, a family trip, or just a solo adventure? Whatever you want to do, use this month to plan the exciting times ahead.

A lot of people have the misconception that planning a holiday takes up all your time, or that it can be done in one night, when really, planning a trip can be as spur-of-the-moment or as detailed as you want to make it. Spend some time looking at destinations, get where you want to go booked quickly, and then you have plenty of time between now and the vacation to figure out what you want to do out there.

So where do you want to go? There are so many wonderful things to see in the world, from the seven wonders of the world to heated natural pools on remote islands. Do you want a relaxing, beach vacation where you can wake up staring across the horizon? Then go to the Maldives. For a unique stay in an igloo with a once in a lifetime view of the Aurora Borealis then head to the Netherlands or Iceland. Go on safari, climb Everest, or, if you're up for an unusual adventure, visit the plague catacombs of Paris. Whatever you've always wanted to see - go and see it! Life is too short to leave it for another time.

Hotel and Flights
Now that you have figured out a destination, it’s time to get the details of how you're getting there and where you're staying sorted. You can easily get your flights and hotel booked through one website, but it can be worth shopping around to get the best price. There are so many options for accommodations so don’t think that you just have to settle for the same thing every time you go travelling. Research hotels that have great reputations in the country you're going to - search for the best Shandong hotels in China, for instance. It's the same idea if you’re going to be travelling around a lot and are thinking about staying in a hostel, like the Plus chain in Europe, which has great reviews.

With the big details sorted and booked you can now start thinking about the fun little things like what to do and what to wear. You have plenty of time to make your plans so your first list should be made up of all the things that you want to do while you’re there. Start by researching each place or thing then make a list of what you really want to do. The second list should be of all the things that you need to take with you. You might have a decent amount of clothing already, but everyone loves buying at least a few new things while on a trip. Although, if you’re heading somewhere where will you need special clothing - like skiing, or hiking, or climbing, you will need to make sure to buy the right things ahead of time.

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