January 21, 2018

The Beach: More Than Lazing About

The beach -- we’ve all been there, or want to go there, at least one would hope so. It sounds like a little peace of heaven on Earth, lying comfortably on a sandy beach with your back getting toasty from those warm sun rays. It truly is an experience like no other, but the truth is that other than lying around, sipping drinks and swimming, there isn't too much to do....or should we say, you don’t do much. That's totally fine, you’re there for a vacation after all, not to run around collecting seashells just to have something to post about on Facebook - but every once in a while you could go and do something different, even if just for variety’s sake. Your next holiday is probably not the first or the last one, so take this opportunity to experience something new, something different, something that will stick around your memory for a while.... Why not do it in Australia?


Take A Dive
There is a lot more to diving then competing with your friends in school over who could keep their breath the longest underwater. Instead of the pool, you'd have a gigantic body of water, full of all sorts of wonders which would not be possible outside of that underwater metropolis. Coral reefs can be found here, and are very much their own entity, which should be respected, cherished, and most of all, admired. The great barrier reef is possibly one of the most beautiful sights to behold as humans, and even though it is of this Earth, it certainly does not look like it. With color combinations and shapes which are even hard to imagine, it is most definitely something that you will remember for your whole life, and you can see it all, merely through some snorkel tours around the area. It really is that simple, so why wait?

Water Sports Galore
Australia is known for its cooler-than-cool surfers and all those “sick waves” which we’ve all heard about before. But really, what is it actually all about? Is it just cool teenagers impressing girls, or is there something much more? Well, considering the usual weather in Australia, beach sports and  water sports are a pretty popular activity among most people who live near water. Are you looking for something exciting, yet serene, and somewhat refined at the same time? Why not give kayaking or canoeing a shot? With the potential to speeding along, yet with the possibility of slowing down and just taking in the vast majesty around you, it is often a popular pick. 

Are you the more adventurous type who likes thrills and adrenaline pumping shenanigans while still keeping cool in the water? Maybe you could go and join those cool surfer dudes sometimes. Or maybe, you prefer the option which is even more relaxed than kayaking, and would just like to go sailing? Not that sailing is effortless, it's actually far from it, but once you get out into open water, the world is your oyster to admire, all while sitting in your rocking boat, just taking it all in. There’s more than enough to do on Australian shores, and if you haven’t found something that caught your eye, you just aren’t looking hard enough.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own. 

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