January 9, 2018

Three Ways You Can Book That Summer Vacay Without A Pay Raise

I get it -- January is here. The dark mornings, the even darker nights, and the cold weather certainly doesn’t inspire you to get up in a morning, does it? I know the feeling. But there are also many positives that January can offer as well -- the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, the beginning of a brand new year for fresh ideas and new plans, etc. 

Sometimes, the daily grind can get you down as you start to get back to some form of normality after the festive period, which it's often the ideal time to get a holiday or vacation booked to give you that extra boost you need to go to work and pay the bills. But.....do you feel comfortable enough to pay for a summer vacation right now, without the need for an instant cash boost to your wages? I wanted to share with you three simple ways you could something rolling without it costing an arm and a leg. The answers are literally right in front of you.

Look for funding through your unwanted items
We all have things we no longer want and need. Items in our wardrobes that no longer fit or are part of our style anymore. Kitchen gadgets we don’t use. Old technology like computers, mobile phones or gaming systems after upgrades. While these are only a few examples of the potential items you might have that you no longer have a use for, it doesn't mean that someone else won’t. Selling online on websites like eBay can be a great way to boost your income, and who know it could even pay for the whole vacation.

Boost your disposable income by confronting your financial situation
January can often be described as one of the toughest financial months as you start to feel the hit of that festive spending, but actually it is also a great chance to really get in tune with your financial situation and make some good changes. Debt can be a big hindrance to our income, and so often taking control of it instead of hiding under a rug can actually free up some income on a monthly basis. There are some great debt settlement companies that could help you tackle it once and for all, and consolidating your bills could actually free up money and save you in interest costs. You could also look at your outings and highlight some of the bills you could easily do without.

Seek out bargain sales or discount codes
This is certainly the month for a bargain, what with all the sales and discount codes available, so you may find that you could actually book your summer vacation for a fraction of the price if you hunt out those good deals. If you are flexible with dates and even locations you may be able to pick up the bargain of the century and have a great holiday to look forward to.

I hope that has inspired you to get looking for your next vacation away.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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