February 1, 2018

Beyond Lady Liberty: 5 Unique Ideas For Your New York Vacation

New York: the city that doesn’t sleep, and neither will you! The home of popular tourist locales such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. They're all worth seeing -- but there is so much more to New York than those famous attractions. If you are looking for a weekend getaway in the US or are planning an extended vacation, here are some unique ways to pass your time in this glorious city.

Go On A Scavenger Hunt
Based in Central Park, this epic scavenger hunt is a must for anybody looking for a competitive challenge. A perfect way to learn more about the Park and it’s popular landmarks, you will also be scrabbling around the park like an intrepid Indiana Jones looking for clues and solving a series of easy and fiendish puzzles. Of course, you can go at your own pace, but it’s a lot of fun getting your mates together in a bid to see who can complete this two-mile adventure first.

Enjoy A Round Of Golf
Of course, golf isn’t the first thing you would consider on your New York itinerary, but we are here to change your mind. When looking for somewhere to stay, enjoy a little bit of affordable luxury and stay at the Fairway Suites At Peek'n Peak. Located in the heart of Lake Erie Wine Country, you aren’t too far away from the best of what New York has to offer, as well as the aforementioned golf courses, ski slopes, and incredible lakeside beauty. So, a round of golf before dinner anyone?

Visit Classic Movie Locations

New York is already known for some of the most iconic movie scenes in film history, from Marilyn Monroe’s skirt-lifting on Lexington Avenue (The Seven-Year Itch) to Meg Ryan’s - I’ll have what she’s having - date with Billy Crystal at Katz’s Delicatessen for When Harry Met Sally (pictured above). Not forgetting Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Goodfellas, Home Alone 2, and many other movies filmed here. You could search for some of these famous locations yourself, or you could take one of the many movie tours that ensure you don’t miss a thing. Oh, and bring your friends along and enjoy a drink at the iconic coffee shop, Central Perk!

Take A Walk On The Sweet Side

New York is famous for its many famous food eateries, so there are plenty of places for you to fill your appetite. Still, if you have a sweet tooth, you really do need to take the Sugartooth Tour, where you will embark on a two-hour trek of some of the finest bakeries and sweet shops around. This is a perfect way to spend a birthday or anniversary, and your dentist will love you for it afterward!

Overcome Your Fear Of Heights

No, we aren’t telling you to climb the Empire State Building like a miniature King Kong! Rather, we are advocating the joys of a Big Apple Helicopter Tour above the New York skyline. Why walk or wait ages to get a cab, when you can see all the major sights from above, from the marvelous art-deco of the Chrysler Building to incredible aerial views of Ellis Island. We told you to go beyond Lady Liberty and the other tourist sights, and while this almost defeats the point we were making, you can’t get any more beyond than going sky high!

So, there we have it. Our list of five unique things to do in this fabulous city. Start spreading the news to all your friends, leave today, and be a part of the New York experience.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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