February 6, 2018

The Cultural City Hubs For US Travelers

There are many sides to the US to explore, and you could easily spend a lifetime doing just that. But one aspect of travelling around the states has to be seeing the cultural highlights that this vast and amazing land have to offer. Many of the top visited sites in the US are also some of the absolute best in the world, and a large number of them are basically unavoidable if you want a decent tour of the what the US has to offer. In this post, we are going to look at just a few examples of cultural cities you might want to visit the next time you're touring around the United States.

New York
You know that this list would not be complete without mentioning New York, so we should definitely approach it first and foremost. More than practically anywhere else in the world, New York is the kind of place where you can expect to see a mass of enormously diverse people coming together in a genuine melting pot. This, added to the fact that it is one of the world’s top spots for art, theatre, dining and sports, means that New York is an absolute bucket-list kind of place for anyone wanting a cultural high on their travels. Hit it up if you are looking for some of the best cultural highlights not just in the US, but in the world.

What doesn’t Chicago have to offer when it comes to culture? The whole air of the place has this feeling of being straight out of an old-world sense of charm and mystique, and foreign travelers in particular will find it to be adorably unique in its easygoing and charismatic ways. It also happens to be easy and inexpensive to visit, with accommodations like the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago-Oswego at your fingertips and some easy transport links wherever you are hoping to go in the city. But in all likelihood, you come to Chicago for the music and theatre, and these are two areas where you will definitely not be disappointed. Whatever it is you want to see on stage, comedy or drama, you can be sure of finding it easy enough.

It may be one of the rainier places in the country, but it also happens to be one of the most charming and elegant as well. Fans of classic city skylines will appreciate the view from almost any building in this city, and if you are a true coffee lover then you might even find it hard to ever leave. Seattle is a place of enormous heart as well as mind, and its culture is one which seamlessly and effortlessly fuses those two worlds in a way which makes you wonder why you don’t just set up camp and stay there. It’s an absolute must for any keen cultural visitors to the states, and one of the most beautiful and friendliest places anywhere on planet Earth. Be sure to make this one of your stops if you really want a complete tour of the United States.

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