March 9, 2018

Bringing Up Baby - How You Can Help Your New-Mom Friends

Having a baby is exhausting work. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you will probably understand just how demanding bringing up a baby can be, especially if it is your very first. We all know a friend or a relative who has had a newborn, so we’ve probably seen just how stressful it can be!

If one of your closest friends has just had their very first child, you will no doubt want to help them out as much as you can. Not only will you be doing your friend a huge favor, but it also means that you will be around a lot more for hugs and snuggles with the little one! However, if you have never had a baby of your own, you might not be sure what the best ways to help them are. There will be plenty that you can do, though - here are some fantastic things you might want to offer to your friend.


Of course, one of the main ways that new parents need some help is to look after the baby every now and then. But they might not want to ask you outright if you are able to babysit for them as they won’t want to feel like they are putting on you. So, it’s a nice gesture to tell your friend that you are available for babysitting duties whenever they need you. That way, she can sneak off for an afternoon or an evening with her partner so that they can enjoy some well-earned quality time together.

Bring Her Food
New moms are extremely busy all the time, and they don’t get the chance to have much spare time to look after themselves. So, your friend’s diet might go a bit haywire once a baby comes onto the scene. To make sure that she doesn’t end up living off unhealthy convenience food and takeouts (or even baby food!), you should take them some food. You can always cook her something at yours and take it over with you. Alternatively, why not cook a meal for both of you at hers? It would be neat to do some batch cooking so that you can enjoy a meal with her and have plenty of portions to freeze for her to have at a later date. That way, you can be happy knowing that she’s eating healthily when you aren’t around!

Don’t Offer Any Advice
You certainly shouldn’t lecture your friend and try to offer them any advice. Even if you think that they could use it, don’t try to give it to them as it could come across as very patronizing. It doesn’t matter if your sister or another friend has some babies that you have helped out with in the past. You still aren’t in a good position to offer advice. The best thing you can do is to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself and instead just help your friend with practical things, such as cooking and cleaning.

Take The Baby Something Cute
You shouldn’t forget the baby in all this! Why not take him or her a cute gift when you go and visit? Not only will this be a really nice gesture, but it also gives you the chance to get your friend something useful that she might need. You could even personalize your gift for an extra-special touch. Things that will come in really handy include bibs, new clothes, and blankets.

Offer To Clean Her Place
So, you’ve already cleaned for your friend, now why not do a spot of cleaning for her as well? At the minute, she might be so busy that she won’t have time to de-clutter and tidy up the rooms, and her cleaning the bathroom might just be a quick wipe around with a cloth! I’m sure that she will be really appreciative of this extra help. Don’t feel like you have to do a complete spring clean. Just getting the house back to normal and in ship shape will be perfectly fine.

Listen To Her
Being a new mom can be slightly isolating and lonely. For instance, moms usually have to stay at home all day alone with the baby while their partner goes out to work. Because of this, your friend might be going slightly stir-crazy! I’m sure that she could do with a friendly face to talk to and have a good catch up with. So, if you ever have a spare couple of hours, it’s worth popping around for an hour or two so that the two of you can enjoy a chat. Make sure that you don’t take up most of the conversation, though as I’m sure she will have a lot to tell you. It’s important that you listen to her as she might have some complaints or worries. If she sounds super stressed, be sure to tell her that you are always around if she ever needs any help. And don’t forget this is a great chance to snuggle up with the new baby!

Look After The Pets
Does your friend have any pets? If so, these might be getting ever so slightly neglected now that there is a cute little baby in the house! Your friend might really appreciate it if you spent some time taking care of these animals. If she has a dog, ask them if she would like you to take it out for a walk. She might even ask you to take it to the groomers for her. It might be nice to pick up some dog or cat food on your way over. This is something that could easily slip your friend’s mind when she goes out shopping with the baby. Don’t forget to spend lots of time petting and snuggling with the pets. They might feel like they have had their nose slightly pushed out in favor of the baby!

There are lots of ways you could help your friend and newborn, but always ask her first if there is anything she can think of.

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