March 20, 2018

Experience Texas In All Its Glory

Texas is the land of the free, and the land of tasty BBQ food. People flock there all year round to experience some of the best food, culture, and excitement they’ve ever had in their life. A lot of people use it as a stop off on route 66, but there’s no reason why you can’t make this amazing state your holiday destination for a week or two. We’re here to show you the amazing things you can do and experience in Texas, have a read on to find out more.

Food & Accomodations
A lot of people head to Texas purely for the food, and make it their mission to experience the wide variety of BBQ food that Texas is able to produce. You will definitely leave this state a stone heavier if you have an appetite for good food. The burgers would no doubt have to be the best part. There are restaurants all over the state servings the biggest most monstrous burgers you will have ever seen in your life, but it’s all freshly cooked to order so you know you’re getting a good meal, however greasy it is. You better believe they’re going to supersize everything as well! When the day of either eating or exploring is finished, you’re going to need a comfy place to let the day digest. Luckily for you there are plenty of fine established that have lovely rooms waiting for you. Just take the Holiday Inn Dallas Richardson as an example. Ideally located with plenty of things to do around it. In other parts of the state there are similar establishments offering the same facilities. Something you might also like to consider is alternative accommodation. There are things such as luxury lodges or campers that will allow you to have a more rustic experience of Texas. They might be a little more on the pricey side, but it’ll be more than worth it for the experience you have.

Day Time Activities
There are plenty of things to do in Texas that will keep you nice and occupied. One of the most relaxing and therapeutic would have to be a walk down the San Antonio river. It is a long walk way of flowing rivers with restaurants, bars, and shops lined all along it. On a hot Texas day, the cool shade you’ll find from the trees along the walk will make it the perfect conditions for a stroll along the river. If you’re into your walking and hiking, it’s definitely worth having a hike around Big Bend National Park. It’s a famous landmark of Texas and the views and scenery you’ll experience will be amazing. There’s also a lot of outdoor activity centers in the park that offer things such as rock climbing if that tickles your fancy. Finally, if you’re looking for something a bit more lively, and a lot less walk-y, the Moody Gardens amusement park should definitely be on your hit list. It’s 242 acres of fun, with plenty of rides and even and aquarium. This is a perfect day out for both families and couples.

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