April 19, 2018

5 Good Reasons Not To Wait For Monday

Let’s paint a pretty picture, shall we? It’s almost Friday, it’s been a busy week at work and all you want to do is go home and sink onto the couch with a bag of chocolate pretzels and your favorite box set to binge on. You pour an extra-large glass of wine and you get settled, gym bag kicked aside with promises of Monday being the day that you start again. After all, it’s about to be the weekend, right? Stop. Right. There.

There is not one moment of your time that should be restricted to the constructs of calendars and timing, as if Monday is some magical day that means you’re suddenly going to have the get up and go to move your butt to the gym. Even without the incessant media influence around us every single day that tells us that we are not beautiful unless we tick the exact boxes that society expects, you do not need to wait for a Monday, or a new month, to get going with your lust for a healthier lifestyle. It may well be the weekend already, and you may well be exhausted, that’s entirely possible. But why does that mean that you have to wait for Monday to fix that? Why is the gym back thrown to one side as if it’s burning your hand? It’s very likely that you already know how to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a big soup of working out, eating right and looking to learn more about the right health insurance coverage so that you can get the right help when you DO get sick. Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have limits and it doesn’t have an end date, so why would you need to wait for a start date?

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You see, you have complete and total control over your own life. The choices that you make on a daily basis about what you eat and where you walk are all down to you and your willpower. You have to make a conscious choice to do well every single day. Not for a partner, not for your friends and not even for the societal perception of beautiful: for you. Maintaining a balanced life is not an easy thing to do, but if you want it enough, you won’t have to wait to embrace the healthy lifestyle that you’re desperate to jump into. See the improvements in your health and your appearance as well as your overall confidence, simply by making right now when you start. Here are five amazing reasons that you need to take that new lifestyle with both hands and roll with it:

Living Longer. I’m sure you know what it is to have a future ahead of you, but then all of a sudden ten years have passed and you’re still faffing about with your workout routines. Eating well and ensuring that you drink enough water while you work out three times a week is going to add up to more months and years on your life tally. Having an immune system that works the right way is the best way that you can extend your life, and boy, do you have a life to live! Healthy living gives you a better quality of life, too. There’s no constant sluggish feeling. There’s less fatigue and depression. There’s energy and confidence and a feeling of excitement about life and when you feel good about who you are this feeling leeches into the rest of your life.

Being Happier. Reducing the amount of junk food that you eat naturally makes your body feel more energetic. When you add in the endorphins created with regular exercise, you end up with a feeling of happiness and euphoria that goes beyond anything that you have felt before. Happiness is relative to the individual, but the way that you treat your body can make a massive difference to your happiness in general. Healthy on the inside and looking incredible on the outside give you a level of confidence that simply works for you. You can choose to meditate, get active with sports and discover new foods that will make you excited to come home for dinner. Happiness is the key to an open and loving life and if living better can give you that, why wouldn’t you go for it?

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Better Confidence. One of the key things that is going to propel you in life is you and whether you believe in yourself. Having a higher level of confidence can do just that for you and living a healthy life can get you that level of confidence. Maintaining a fit and healthy physique that looks good in any outfit can make you feel fantastic. When you look good on the outside – regardless of what the media says – you can feel good on the inside. This then makes you feel motivated and boosted to give your home that amazing makeover or change job to the one you truly want. Confidence has a lot to answer for!

Be The Inspiration. Have you ever considered that the moods of other people could affect you? Sure, you have. Someone in a bad mood around you can have you walking on eggshells. The thing is, when you feel good, other people around you will start to feel good, too. This type of inspiration is like energy vampires, except that instead of sucking up all your energy and making you tired, they’re sucking up and sharing how happy and boosted you feel. Your successes with your health can also make others feel inspired to do the same.

Youthful Looks. No one likes the idea of the changes that happen as you get older, but they’re going to happen regardless. Embracing a healthy lifestyle will quite literally be written all over your face. Daily healthy habits can help you to maintain a fitter body, cleaner inside, better confidence and a face full of youth. It’s not something that you should pass up if you have the change to embrace it!

Don’t wait for Monday. Start now and watch your life change for the better.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.

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