April 30, 2018

Dealing With Grief: Survival Tips To Help You Cope

In life, there is one inconvenient truth. We are all going to die, someday. For many of us, the thought of our own mortality on this Earth is difficult enough, but the realization that those close to us are going to die is something we find very hard to handle. And when it happens? When our loved one does die? It feels as if our world has fallen apart, and we are left to pick up the pieces of our broken and grieving hearts. Just how can we get through the emotional pain we suffer? It would be glib of us to suggest an easy answer. But there are strategies we can take; steps to help us survive in this very difficult time. Consider the following as examples.

1. Don’t put on a brave face.
If you are struggling emotionally, let those around you know about it. Stifling your grief won’t help, and your suppressed feelings will not go away. From sadness to anger, express your emotions privately and publicly, and draw on the strength of others to help you through this terrible time.

2. Draw on your faith.
If you have a faith in the afterlife, then contemplate on what death means. In the words of J.M. Barrie, ‘death is an awfully big adventure.’ If you don’t believe death is the end, embrace the prospect that your loved one is on their next chapter. This will help you come to terms with the loss in your life, and give you some semblance of hope.

3. Distract yourself.
When a loved one dies, there will be a huge gap in your life, and one that is difficult to fill. However, there is little point ruminating on the loss in your life, especially when the pain eats you up inside. Instead, carry on with the normal things in your life; those things that keep you busy. Go to work, do your chores, watch tv, see your friends, walk the dog… do anything that will give your sad and troubled mind a respite from your tragic thoughts.

4. Remember the person.
You will miss your loved one forever, but (as glib as this does sound), time does heal. The pain will subside, and you will go about your life as normal after a period of mourning. However, you can still take time to think about the person you have lost. From photo albums to cremation urns, have something to hand to make you think of and celebrate the person missing from your life. Hopefully, you will have enough happy memories to replace your sadness with the joy that came from having that person in your life.

5. Get any help you need.
You don’t have to handle your bereavement alone. Speak to your friends and family members, and surround yourself with their love. Attend bereavement groups, and share your experience, while learning from the coping mechanisms other people are using. You might also consider bereavement counseling to help you deal with the loss and any painful memories that are eating you up inside. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help, so find the people who can assist you, and benefit from their support.

In Closing
The loss of somebody close to us is not easy to comprehend. However, you need to go on. Your life is important, so you must find ways to move on, for the benefit of yourself, and those other loved ones who still surround you on a daily basis. We hope our advice has been helpful, but let us know about the coping strategies you have used when you have faced the loss of somebody close to you. Take care, and thanks for reading.

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